New housesitter traveler

Hello from aka FASHIONISTA G!
I’m a novice writer, blogger, avid traveler, and a newbie to housesitting.


Hello Fashionista G!! Welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters … … love the sunny picture, is that where the G comes in? As a newbie to our amazing lifestyle you have come to the right place for help, advice and inspiration and we would love to share in your journey.

Let know what your hopes and dreams are for this new and exciting new adventure, helping new members achieve their own success is what the forum and our community is all about … sharing is caring.

Enjoy connecting with our members, some are new just like yourself others have been with THS for a while … but we all have one thing in common, we started from the same place.

Welcome again and thank you so much for joining>

Angela & The Team


Greetings Angela,
No the G is for Glenda or Gee called by one of my father’s old girlfriends. I just happened to be in Grand Turks and Caicos in the picture. I could say “gee” it was a very hot day.

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Hi Glenda, Welcome again, you could have claimed the GRAND :wink:

Love Turks & Caicos and could really do with some of that Caribbean sunshine … it’s a chilly and grey day in Scotland. Lovely to have you here!

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Thanks for having me; but the biggest attraction is the revered donkeys. There are much better places for sunshine. I remember the dreary, foggy days of the UK whilst a student there.


Hi and welcome :pray:


Greetings and hope you had an enjoyable day. I’ve been busy working with the a hospice clients;therefore, I use Housesitters as a welcomed escape.


@GEESForum, That’s wonderful to hear and to know that pet and housesitting gives you the time you need for you. Pets have a special way, it’s a therapy way. Thank you for sharing that part of your story.

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