G'day everyone

Hi all.
This is the first forum of any type I’ve been involved in.
Back in 2016 I quit my job, sold my house, gave all my possessions away and started a life of travel and adventure.
I’ve been a Trusted Housesitter member ever since.
I look forward to chatting.


Welcome to the club. So how many sits have you done and where ? If you have sold your house you became a "professional " sitter all year long on the road… What happened to you with Covid ?

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G’Day @sykeyser Welcome to our community forum it’s so great to have you here thank you for joining.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members and thank you for being part of our amazing community since 2016!

Angela and the Team

Hi. I have lost count of how many sits…Australia, Europe and Asia mainly.
Covid shut me down internationally but domestically it’s still all good.