Return To Trusted Housesitters

Good day all -
After 1.5 years away due to the dreaded COVID I am back for more animal adventures and travel. Had been a member since 2017 and enjoyed great sits. My wonderful husband and I traveled for almost 8 months spending one month each in Spain, Morocco, Portugal and France and 3.5 months in England and Scotland. It was amazing!
Am now on my own but life goes on and am looking forward to my next sit later this month in France. Will read your forum posts with great interest. Ciao!


Hi @JMarie Welcome back to TrustedHousesitters and now to our “new” Community Forum, we only launched in April and so you are here almost at the beginning.

We are so sorry to hear that you are on now on your own, we hope that coming back to our community will help give you support and make new connections.

France sounds wonderful and I’m sure you have many amazing memories and experiences to share from your previous house sitting journey, we look forward to hearing some of your 8 month travel stories.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world and thank you for being part of our community for all this time.

Angela and the Team

I will be in France October. Looking for sit in Pâtis October 20th. Anybody around let’s meet