Sitter Meet Ups France

I have been doing sits for the past few years mainly in France but also the UK and Spain.
I have only met a handful of sitters in that time and that was usually very briefly in a handover situation.
I’m wondering if there are any sitters out there in France and, if so, would any be interested in meeting up for a social?


Hi @SeanF and thank you for starting a meet up.
I hope that you will find other members in France that are available. Which part of France are you currently in? :fr::slightly_smiling_face:

France is large…

I will be in Provence for a month from mid September.

Currently in the Fayence area, just north of Cannes, How about yourself?

This is true :smile: I’m just putting some feelers out there to see where everyone is and what can be arranged

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@SeanF currently in the UK visiting family after just finishing a lovely 5 week sit in Andalucía Spain before heading off somewhere for our next adventure! :blush:


Ah super. I imagine ye might have had yer fill of sun for a while. Where to next after the UK?

@SeanF hahaha I’ve never had enough of my fill of sun! :sweat_smile: We are both retired so we just decide where we feel like going and head off, sometimes I plan, sometimes I don’t, we just love adventure and travel!
We are looking after a family member’s pets currently because they had to be rushed in to hospital unexpectedly. I’m just glad we were in the UK at the time so we could help.

That’s how I like to do it too. Plan it sometimes but also enjoy the unadulterated liberty of not knowing where you’ll be next.
I hope your family member will be ok

Thank you @SeanF