Hello from Rochester, NY and soon from France

My French husband and I met in Los Angeles where our 2 girls were born then we relocated to Rochester, NY where my family is.
Hy husband has owned his own company until C19 lockdowns decimated his business and forced him into early retirement and I am a freelance sign language interpreter.
Both of our daughters fled back to California right out of college and so we began to look for sitting opportunities.
We’ve been w THS for a couple of years and hope to do some sits while in Europe this coming year as we are about to be based in the South of France for 6 months and then anywhere we can find opportunities.
We got on THS because we had already been regular dog/house sitters for friends in S Cal for many years, and for as long as for 7 weeks and decided we should pursue doing it more in various places.
We love the sea/ocean and warm weather and have been snow birds for the past few years either to Mexico or Southern California.

We have enjoyed the variety of dogs, cats and even birds we’ve sat so far.
We hope to visit multiple locations/countries in the years go come.

We love travel, culture, languages and meeting new people and have a mostly healthy plant-based diet (which can be a challenge for me when abroad but we figure it out) but love fine cuisine and I cook a lot!

Here’s to some adventures! Carpe diem!


I will be in Chenerailles October 1to 20. HO is giving me a car. Where are u, do you want to do meet up?

Hello @carpediem16 and welcome to the community forum… we are glad you found your way here. We are also based in France now (Bourgogne) and absolutely loving it. There are quite a few opportunities here although we are on a long term sit through until next year. When do you head this way? Welcome again and do enjoy connecting with other sitters and joining in the conversations. All the best, Vanessa


We head to the South (about 30 min from San Raphael) Oct 30th. Sorry we will just miss one another!

OOH, I love Bourgogne!
We arrive Oct 30th. We would love to find some sits in the Côte d’Or region…for now we have a place to stay (brother in law’s home) until late March but I’ll be looking for short sits to do while there, either just me or both of us, and then we will be at his moms’ apartment also in the south until end of July (bc it’s steps from the beach). After this we hope to find 2 weeks or more assignments in other areas.


Sounds like you’ll be in a lovely area. If you pass through Côte d’Or anytime send me a message… coffee and croissants could be waiting :slight_smile: