Hello from Louisiana, USA

Hello! I’ve been a member for several years. I happened to join right before the Covid pandemic and am going on my first sit in four weeks. Really looking forward to it! This will be my first time in France other than the Paris airport.

I’m retired and live in South Louisiana, USA. Although I’ve owned and cared for mainly dogs and cats over the years, I currently have five indoor cats. This is what happens when I foster kittens for our local shelter!


@Geosib hello and welcome to the forum! This community is filled with like minded people who are all here for the betterment of their furballs. They have so much experience and knowledge with TrustedHousesitters, or like you, are just getting started and looking for answers to questions. This is the place to get those answers.

Congratulations on getting that first sit…and how lucky were you to find one in France. That is quite an accomplishment to get a chance right away on an international sit. How long will you be there, and are you going to try to find more sits while you are there? I know I have seen quite a few over the last few weeks that have opened up in that region.

I see you have not embedded your member profile to your forum profile. By doing so, this enables our members to easily reach out with advice and help if you need it. Just click Hello from Louisiana, USA - Introduce Yourself - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum and follow the easy steps.

Once again, welcome, and remember we are always here with any help you might need.

Debbie, thanks for the welcome! I have applied for several sits in the last year and received a couple of declines. I accepted one in Ireland but then broke my ankle and ended up with a pinched nerve. I kept the homeowner apprised of the situation and she then declined my sit, which is understandable.

I’m healed now and was fortunate to get accepted for the France sit during a similar time period. The sit is in southwest France for a week during January 2023. I will arrive several days early and will be renting a car. The couple has four lovely cats and communications have been great. I’m even taking a one week French class while I’m there.

I’ll be in France for an additional 6 days after the sit and did look for another sit but haven’t found one so I think I’ll spend those days enjoying Bordeaux.

Thanks so much for responding to my first post. I will definitely ask for help when needed.


Hi @Geosib. Welcome to our community. I’m so glad you found us and have introduced yourself. Kudos for getting a pet sit in the south of France in January. Where in France will you be?

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Hi Karen, I’ll be in a small town about 25 minutes from Biarritz.

Welcome - I grew up in New Orleans and have only been back for work meetings and my 50th high school reunion since my parents moved away post-Katrina. Searching for some La sits, but not successful so far.
Where in South Louisiana are you from?
Keep search for a sit to fill in your 6 days - it may come through.
I was fortunate to do 3 a 6-8 week strings in the UK between Feb and Sept this year. 3 to 5 sits in each string, and thanks to some friendly HOs only spent 4 nights in hotels/airbnbs.


tomi, I’m in Lafayette. I’ve been looking at sits in the UK and hope to apply to some in 2023.
Keep watching for sits in Louisiana. NOLA has most of the sits in the state.

Tom: I grew up in (suburban) New Orleans too and am about to embark on my 3rd sit in the city next week. There are pretty frequent sits in New Orleans, so keep applying. There is one sit in March 23 posted right now with no applicants. You just have to apply quickly, because they hit the 5 applicant mark pretty fast. With your experience level and great reviews, I am sure you”ll find one soon. Good Luck! Lynn

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@Southernsitter Lynn
I’ve seen lots of NO sits, but am already booked for the dates. The dilemma - settle sits far in advance or hold off to see what else will come along. And I’m not sure I want to do a summer sit in New Orleans.
So far I do a combination but I am pretty much booked for sits through the middle of July now.

Tom: Congratulations on being booked through July. I agree, summer in New Orleans is brutal and you have hurricane season as well. Maybe you can find something there next fall. It is a lovely time to go. Happy sitting! Lynn

Hello @Geosib and a belated welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

How did your first sit in France go? … and did you get time to explore Bordeaux afterwards? :fr: :wine_glass::blush:

The sit in France was great! I ended up canceling Bordeaux to take a second week of French language lessons.