Home Owner looking for local help in SE France

Hello to all, We’ve been a registered home owner for sometime now but we are looking for a true cat lover in the SE of France who’d be able to cat-sit for us for a week in earlyish December? We’d love to meet someone local who could see the house and meet the puddies to see if it’s something they could manage. We have 7 puddies, (includes a mum and 3 kids, but the kids are adults, so 4 from the same family). 2 of our kitties live outside on chairs, under cover, with heater pads in cold weather.
We’d love someone truly cat dedicated and happy to whizz someone off to the vet if they seem unwell for any reason. We’re near Fayence in the Var, so lots of supermarkets nearby but we’re an hour’s drive from the coast.

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Hi @catrick welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining us from France, you have a wonderful feline family by the sounds of it. Listing on the website is the very best way to find your sitter and if you prefer local then include that in your listing although it’s also worth saying that it is just a preference as there could be other very suitable sitters who are a distance away who would be right for you, your kitties and home.

I’ve checked your listing and you have no dates up yet, it’s showing no sitter needed, I would post the dates as soon as possible, also if you could add some more photos to your listing, your home looks lovely some additional internal shots and would be really good as sitters do like to see where they will be calling home.

If you need help with this at all our Membership Services Team are available via email and live chat.

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We would love to see a photo of your little brood. …

Angela and the Team