Long time sitter, but new to the forum

My husband and I have been house sitting since 2006. We have had many wonderful adventures and hope to have more! Since Covid cancelled our house sitting travels last year, we are now hoping to start up again.


Welcome :pray: Mary

Hello Mary and welcome to our community forum, my goodness housesitting since 2006, BTHS … before TrustedHousesitters you must have many wonderful stories and memories to share.

COVID stopped everything but we are so happy to see our amazing lifestyle returning, s more owners gain the confidence to plan travel and the world becomes safe again, albeit it Post COVID safe, we will have more and more opportunities once again then you and all members of our community will be able to add more adventures to our house sitting lifestyles.

Angela & The Team


We’re in the same situation Mary. A year and more of travel cancelled. Can’t wait to start again too :slight_smile:


Second vaccine yesterday. Now I’m just waiting for the world to open up again. Good luck.

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