New to the forum, THS long-timer

Greetings all,
I’ve been a housesitter with THS since 2012, and in other old-school methods for many many years before that. Have also been a homeowner/pet guardian employing and finding housesitters myself.

I have an assignment in New Mexico starting next week after a year of sitting on the COVID sidelines with everyone else, and am excited to get back to it. I have been travelling full time since September 2019 (housesitting, friends & family, short term rentals) and hope to stay on the road at least through the end of this year, job permitting!


Hi @MarielleO_hs welcome to our community forum and thank you for being part of our community for all of these years, amazing. Your first sit starting back after all of our feet have been firmly on the floor at home, is Mexico, enjoy it will be wonderful to get back into the saddle, I had to use an animal analogy.

We are sure you have wonderful stories to tell and many happy memories, can you remember all of the pet’s names … I remember those better than their human family members.

Enjoy the conversations, connecting with other members and if we don’t “speak” before have a safe journey and great sit in Mexico.

Angela and the Team

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