Hi, I’ve been with TH since Dec 2019. I started by doing sits in my hometown, which I really loved because I got to interact with pets and experience living in different houses and parts of town. I recently finished my very first long sit which was 5 months for a couple who had 3 outdoor cats. I am currently in Hawaii, having just moved from Portland OR and am doing another long housesit 4-5 months with no pets. I love both cats and dogs but am definitely more a cat person. I am going to try out this forum most specifically to share about the job I am currently on.


Hello @KarenM welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining us from the beautiful island of Hawaii … swapping the rain of the Upper Pacific NW for the sunshine of the Islands. Two long stay sits in a row, after home spun local ones how does it compare? The longest I did was 8 months in Spain, you really do get the opportunity to immerse in the community and make meaningful connections living like a local.

Enjoy the conversations, sharing sitting experiences and connecting with other members and once again, welcome.

Angela and the Team