About 4 years with TH

Hi all. I joined about four years ago and have pet/housesat in Europe, the U.S., and Australia. In 2016-2017, I was burned out from a job and an intense city. My cat died. I sold my home. I quit working full-time, and I became a digital nomad.

I’m glad that TH has added a forum feature. I was disappointed when they got rid of the feature where pet/housesitters could view the reviews of home/pet owners. Made it feel one-sided.

I have a home base now in Seattle.

Some memorable petsits include my first outside of the US–I was in central Lisbon for a few weeks, watching a beautiful old kitty in a great walk up apartment. I was new to freelance work and really enjoyed finishing an assignment and – oh, what’s that? It’s only 10 pm–time to go out in Lisbon! I have maintained a friendship with the primary pet-owner and (pre-pandemic) we got together when I visited Lisbon again.


Hi @Katie welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining us from the beautiful Pacific Northwest and for sharing your TrustedHousesitters journey intro.

We look forward to getting to know you and hearing much more about your life as a digital nomad … a rapidly growing community in itself since COVID.

Welcome again.

Angela and the Team

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@Katie our paths might well have crossed at some point as I was in Australia fro 38 years based between Melbourne and Alice Springs as a Nature Tour Guide and when I left there to return to London (2015) I came across via San Francisco and Seattle spending time visiting Bainbridge Island and the San Juan Islands…my trip has turned into a kind of ‘island oddysey’ visiting the Azores after some time in Porto (love that city) and Lisbon…grubby backpackers…little side streets of great street art, cafes and bars and some world class museums…I love the Portugese people! Where were you in Australia Katie?

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I lived in Sydney for 7 years and have returned to Australia a few times since moving back to the US. I have dual citizenship.

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@Katie you would not want to be in Sydney at the moment Katie the covid numbers are creeping up! Its a lovely around the harbour and bay…I love that Hawkesbury River area and Kuringi Chase National Park. I used to run on Coogee beach at night…some great pubs aand live music back in the day! Happy travels.

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