Returning Sitter :)

I’m Lynn from the US and started with TH in 2014 when I took off to travel around the world with a backpack for a year in my 50’s (which ended up being almost 4 years, but that’s another story!) House/pet sitting was a wonderful way to see other countries affordably, while feeling like I was contributing something positive by allowing other people to travel too, feeling great about their pet’s care :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I had quite the fun adventures with everything from a super-energetic Border Collie in the Scottish Highlands, to 2 English-speaking French poodles in the south of France, along with their buddy, Hector, a garden tortoise. Then there was Kevin the peacock who lived in the garden of William, the stately, senior dog, and a couple of wiggly dachshunds in Hove, England. Not to mention two sits with a view with furry friends in and near San Francisco!
When my daughter in Michigan gave birth to my first grandchild, it was time to hang up my traveling shoes for a bit to switch from pet care to childcare & being a grandma. Suddenly she’s 3, countries are opening back up, and I’m rejoining the petsitting world! TH was the first place I came to :blush:


Hi @TraveLynn welcome to our Community Forum and welcome back to TrustedHousesitters, although I’m sure you never really left. Congratulations on becoming a Grandma, I also joined that very special club in 2020.

Thank you for sharing you story so far, I say so far as there will be many more chapters to come. What a wonderful adventure you’ve had since joining our community in 2014 … Hove is close to where TrustedHousesitters is based.

We cannot wait to see where your next adventure takes you.

Thank you again for joining on the day we relaunched ourselves, well our brand anyway. TrustedHousesitters is still the same amazing community we always have been and growing more and more, day by day, with the help of members like you.

Angela and the Team

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Thanks so much, Angela! As an aside, when I was sitting in Hove one of your team contacted me to meet up! I hadn’t even known you were there!! I was asked to be in a TH video, but my sit ended before it was being shot, though I then wrote a guest blog post for you :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!


Amazing … thank you, I will have to look up the blog piece. When members are in the Brighton area we have asked that they contact us to see if we can arrange a visit or meet up, what a shame you sit had finished.