New to the forum!

and like, Debbie and Chris, not completely new to Trusted HouseSitters. We live in Alaska and sold our home last March just as Covid-19 shut down the US and much of the rest of the world to ‘casual’ travelers. We’ve done a local sit and are doing another at the end of May for the same pets. It’s a lively household of 4 rescue dogs and a rescue cat!
We’re looking forward to doing some sits around the US possibly later this fall and hope to travel to the EU/Schengen area and nearby when they open up to that. I’ll be watching for more info on when that happens.


Welcome Margi _ Curt :wave:

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Welcome Margi-Curt
I am new to this forum to.
I am looking forward to doing more sits especially overseas once this whole virus thing is over.


Hi @Margi-Curt welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to our community forum … which is new also you are in a very good place for any help and advice you may need. There are many great sitting opportunities throughout the US, and starting local is always the best way if it’s at all possible, getting a return sit is always special … the pets do remember you, a warm welcome from wagging tails always melts the heart.

We look forward to sharing in your TrustedHousesitters journey, welcome once again to the community it is indeed a very special one, enjoy connecting with other members from all over the world, many who would love to visit Alaska …

Angela & The Team

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