New member!

Hello, TrustedHousesitters community!

I’m brand new here, I can’t wait to do my first sitting! So, I’d appreciate any feedback of my profile :open_hands:

I started sending applications yesterday morning, and I received one reply for a first video call and one rejection.

I’m super excited. Also, I’d use any piece of advice of experienced members to get ready for my first call! :star_struck:

Have a lovely week ahead,


Hi @Rosario.Blanco
Welcome. My advice to get as much feedback as quickly as possible is to apply for local and last minute sits to start with until you have say 10 5 star sit reviews.
There’s a few good threads on here on what to ask a HO on your chat. You can find these by using the search function at the top right hand corner of this forum.

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Welcome. A couple of suggestions:

• Use the app to check for missing reviews from sisters for individual hosts. If there’s a pattern of gaps, that can be a red flag, because some sitters won’t review if a sit is bad. Only the app (not the website) shows gaps in reviews. A pattern (rather than a one-off missing review) is a better signal, because one-offs can happen for various reasons.

• If cleanliness matters to you: If sitters mention only the pets or don’t mention that the home was clean, there’s a higher than normal chance that the home is dirty. You don’t need every review to mention cleanliness, but if none do, it’s suspect.

Happy sitting!