New, first time and then cancellation

Hi, I am new to trusted house sitters, and trying to fill my first sit. Thought things were going well until my sitter cancelled and now I am 6 weeks out and no new applicants.
Kind of confused on what’s left to do, I have reached out to many sitters and all are booked, contacted THS and am still at a loss.


I’m on my first sit, so also new to this. I have applied for 3 other sits with only one giving me a nice note declining. I have 2 pending but my intro hasn’t even been read? I get it. I don’t yet have any 5 star reviews. (but one surely after tomorrow!) It’s frustrating. I’m just hoping to secure something soon. Or at least get a reply of some kind.


Yo también soy nueva la verdad, pero como cuidadora. No se si es muy difícil conseguir la primera estancia, pero estoy abierta a distintas localizaciones :smiling_face:

También quería aprovechar para preguntar si alguien sabe como se pueden tener reseñas externas, tengo experiencia como voluntaria en distintas perreras y como casa de acogida de perritos enfermos.

Translated by Google to allow more replies.

I am also new to the, but as a caregiver. I don’t know if it’s very difficult to get the first stay, but I’m open to different locations :smiling_face:

I also wanted to take the opportunity to ask if anyone knows how to get external reviews, I have experience as a volunteer in different kennels and as a foster home for sick puppies.


Hello, @BarbnCDA I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the forum community and I am sorry to hear that you had a sitter cancellation. I can see that you have mentioned that you contacted Membership Services and I will make sure that they follow up with you.

Are you reaching out to any sitters? You can do this via ‘find a pet sitter’, search a location, click on their profile and message them there.

If you add your TrustedHousesitters listing link to your forum profile other members can give you advice and feedback.

Here is how:

I am sure that the community will have some helpful feedback when they see your listing.

Best wishes Carla

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Hello, @Sara_moratona I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the forum community.

Here is a link that will help with references:

Hola, @Sara_moratona, me gustaría darle una cálida bienvenida a la comunidad del foro.

Aquí hay un enlace que ayudará con las referencias:

Si necesita ayuda para unirse, por favor hágamelo saber. También puede ponerse en contacto con Servicios de Membresía en

Mis mejores deseos carla

If you need any help joining please just let me know. You can also contact Membership Services at

Best wishes carla


Hi BornCDA have you managed to find a sitter yet. Where are you?

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Hello, @Susan5 I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to the forum community.

I want to make sure that @BarbnCDA sees your comment. So here is a link that might help reply and direct message other members if needed:

Any questions please let me know or feel free to direct message me.
Best wishes Carla

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Hi Susan5, I have not found a sitter through THS as of yet. I am in Idaho and it seems that six weeks is short, I have had sitters save my listing but no one I have contacted has been available and I have had no actual applicants.

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I’m so sorry for your shock and shift, and looking anew. I know that must be disappointing, Barb,

If you link your profile here, more people can consider your sit needs.
I hope you find the perfect sitter soon.
A bit of magic seems to be involved here.

February 17, 2023, I joined as a Sitter for The UK, my new home in May 2023, and I have applied for 17 sits all over The UK, + have been accepted by one dear person, only one, so far, and 15 declined, found someone or were unsuitable due to dog needs.

I am focused on “Scotland Sits” now, in the North, the more remote the better, as long as I do not need a car, and there’s a miracle.
Add, that I have an Assistance Dog partner, so it’s understandable some Home Owners’ (HO) dogs are not available to a new dog while owners are away or ever, but I am ever-hopeful. My Sit will come.

And, your Sitter is on the way. Prayers up!
Aloha, Claire + Tarkina.

This looks a bit daunting, but I found the steps very simple. Good Luck, Barb! My prayers are with you, and magnetizing the best sitter for you now.

"Linking Forum Profile to THS Profile

It’s important to firstly understand that your FORUM PROFILE is different to the profile you have as a member on the main TrustedHousesitters’ website.

We do not allow links to profiles or listings in forum topics or posts"

…Hence, I tried sending you the steps, but the forum won’t let me share links with you.

Perhaps a Moderator will assist in this.

Thank you for your help @Claireisamazing. it is a great idea to add the link to your home listing for community feedback and help.

The link explaining how @BarbnCDA to be able to add her THS listing to her forum profile is:

If you need help doing it just let me know or DM me and I will add it for you @BarbnCDA

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I am sorry they cancelled on you. I hope that it was at least for an excellent reason - truly emergency status.

where and when is your need . If I could see your post — it might help . Good luck .

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I thought I did link my profile, guess I will try again, thanks

@BarbnCDA it looks like the link you have added is the ‘preview listing’ one, so that one is not viewable. I am more than happy to add it for you if that helps?

That would be great, tried to change it but not sure which to use

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@BarbnCDA All done now for you. :slight_smile:


Dear Barb
I don’t know your home or ad but try aiming your ad and photos really appealing, as a sitter I only look at clean tidy places, beds made, kitchens clean etc. put all nice things to do within travelling distance in your ad. Can you leave your car? Or somehow make it appealing.
Good luck Linda

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I love coeur d’alene . If I wasn’t pet sitting locally where I get paid at that time, I would jump at the chance to pet sit for you. Someone should realize what a great sit in a beautiful place this would be. Wishing you the best. Maybe some time in the future I’ll have the luck of pet sitting for you.

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Love to have you, it looks like I found one of my neighbors to watch my furry friends, I am a bit disappointed in my hunt through THS but maybe next time with more notice, lots of saves and interest just no takers.

Those people have really missed out.