New Owner From Indiana, USA

Hello From Northwest Indiana in the United States ! Brand New Here but

eager to learn. We have 2 spoiled yorkies Lucy ( 4yrs) & Sydney ( 2 yrs ).

They are the lights of our lives and perfect for our family of 2 !

From Indiana in January, we say Stay Warm & Stay Safe…


Hi @wecgmc welcome to our community forum thank you for joining us from Indiana and bringing Lucy and Sydney to our pet community, we’d love to see their photo.

Checking your account it looks as though you have not joined TrustedHousesitters yet, I suspect (correct me if wrong) that you’ve put your email details in, but not maybe taken the next step of ID verification and payment. If this is the case, let me know (you can direct message if you’d prefer – simply click on my icon and select the MESSAGE option) and we can get the membership services team to help you through the process tomorrow morning.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have our community is here to share and help you through the process and throughout your membership.

You’ll also find great articles on the website blog and in the many forum topics including How to create the perfect owner listing |

We were all new to this at one time that’s how we know how to help and that you are now part of a very special community, win win win …

I hope the winter is being kind to you, that you are also staying safe and warm. Looking forward to sharing in your TrustedHousesitters journey.

Angela and the Team