New owner membership plans - a guide for existing owners

Hello everyone,

There have been many questions from existing owner members around the new membership plans, members are wondering what the introduction of these new plans will mean to their memberships. So here’s a guide with everything you need to know about TrustedHousesitters’ new owner memberships.

After listening to your feedback, we’re excited to introduce new features and even more choice to our current membership offering and we would like to sincerely apologise if any lack of information has caused anyone confusion or concern.

We’ve also introduced new sitter plans, the guide is posted in the Forum Sitter category and both are available on the website blog

If you have any further questions or queries on the new owner membership plans, then please ask your questions below or you can of course contact our friendly Membership Services team either way we don’t want anyone to be confused about how the plans, your plan, works.

Thank you,

Angela & The Team