Refering new members to the website

I like to refer friends to Trustedhousesitters – I also like the chance of getting 2 months free! :slight_smile:
But, I am both a homeowner and a petsitter and often I refer people who want to be sitters and other times I refer people who need sitters. When I send them my referral code, it treats it as if they want to be sitters. I’m thinking that may be confusing to those who are homeowners. Is there a way to customize my referral code and automatic message, depending on who I am sending the referral to?
Hope this makes sense.

Hi @sledgejoyce thank you for being a great TrustedHousesitters ambassador and what better way to join a community than through the referral of a friend and someone who recommends TrustedHousesitters.

When joining they choose their membership sitter or owner, apply your code and receive their 25% discount, you get your 2 months.

I will ask @Lucy-Moderator to help clarify the messaging for you when she comes back on line.

Once again thank you for spreading the word and sharing our pet lovers message.

Hi @sledgejoyce If it’s someone I’m comfortable enough with to use my personal email address, I just use the option of copy and share your personal link at the Refer a friend tab. I can then also make my response personalized, rather than it just being the template. I do realize that if it happens to be someone you meet casually, that might not be ideal. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @sledgejoyce I’ve just come online and am happy to help with this one.

My thinking is that when your friends are using your code and are presented with the available plans, as a default they are seeing the sitter plans. However, above the plans there is a panel with the option to choose ‘Owner’, ‘Sitter’ or ‘Combined’. They shall need to click on the owner option to explore the owner plans. Have added a screenshot below to help you see what I am referring to.

If however your friends are still having some trouble then please do let them know they can contact us at Membership Services where we will be happy to help.

Thanks for sharing our community with your friends!

All the best,

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