Giving ID link to potential sit

Hi everyone . I have been asked to send my profile so that a potential sit can look at. Do they have to be members of THS to receive/open the link? They may want to become members but are not there yet.

@Lizzie1 we have had people look at our profile who aren’t members yet … don’t forget that you can share your referral code with them for a discount ( which might help persuade them and you get 2 months free membership)

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Hello @Lizzie1 … i believe that one can set up a free THS account to be able to see profiles and listings.

@HelloOutThere Anybody who has the url of the profile can read it.

I just tested it with you listing on a different browser where I am not logged in on THS.

Interesting @pietkuip …I only landed on a generic THS page…