Do owners need to upgrade?

I just realized why the responses are so few and far between. We have had none and we used to always have many. They changed the algorithms so you won’t be seen as an owner unless you upgrade. That’s very disappointing.
Our last sitter was amazing (we have had 12) but it took a long time to get any replies. Now I know why. Ugh.

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I don’t think that your level of membership has any bearing on which sitters can see your listing.

If you look at what upgrading gives you, it says it does. Maybe that recently changed but this is what THS says in their upgrade description. So I’m going to assume it’s accurate. It also makes sense with how we have seen things change.

As far as I know you get the following on the more expensive memberships …
Boost your listing if required
See who saved your listing
Insurance cover
I still think all sitters can see your listing regardless of your plan but hopefully someone will come along to correct me if things have changed.

I dont think membership level makes a difference to the visibility of your posting, only to the ‘additional features’ (such as insurance, ‘boost’, airport lounges).

Maybe @Angela_L can clarify this for you.

Hi @Loreemezz the feedback you’ve had from @Twitcher @Ketch & @Crookie is all correct the level of membership does not influence the visibility of a member’s listing or member’s profile

Here is the membership benefit information:

For any more information please contact the Membership Services Team, the website Help Page or website blog where you’ll find great information resources.

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If you have a minute, I am just curious as to how you came to this conclusion about algorithms?

I’ve asked some of our sitters. I’ve reposted and gotten great sitters after I reposted. They work with email so they didn’t miss the sit. They were just never alerted to it. So I know for a fact that not everyone sees what might be applicable to them as a sitter.
And this actually makes sense to what I have seen happen. Upgrading gives you a boost and that means more potential sitters see you. It’s just a very different experience from a year to 2 years ago. Like night and day. We were spoiled when we first signed up. Lol.

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I’m curious then why only certain people will see the sit. And when reposted, it’s a completely different group that didn’t see the sit and dates the first time.
How does THS choose to share potential dates with sitters since it doesn’t seem to be consistent.
Thanks for some insight into this.

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This may have more to do with how the sitter has their alerts set up. I use the website and not the app and do not have saved searches. If you boost your listing and it goes to the top then all sitters should be able to see it.
In general though homeowners seem to be saying that they are finding it more difficult to find the right sitter for them.
The THS ethos and business model has changed over the last few years and not for the better in my opinion.
Best Wishes


I think you have that the wrong way around. An upgraded membership offers a ‘boost’ feature which you can use; your listing isnt automatically boosted by having an upgraded membership.

I have a standard home-owner membership (ie, no boost). I posted a date yesterday and got responses within a couple of hours. Previous dates that I’ve listed have had no responses or slower responses.

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Oh that’s interesting. Our experience has been that it took 3 times of us posting dates, then reposting then reposting. And then the sitters that respond say they never saw the original postings. So frustrating. I did upgrade and boost the post. Hopefully that will help. If not we may leave THS. I’m not sure. I do know that the changes are disappointing.

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Hi @Loreemezz we can share your listing across our Social Media channels, this gives extra visibility but only THS members can apply and only via the site.

Please DM me if this is something we can help with.

Thank you very much!