New owner; question about sleeping arrangements

Hi, I’m starting my first round of interviews for my first trip away tomorrow.

I have a 3 bedroom house and I’m happy to have my housesitter sleep in my master bedroom. However, my closets, drawers and bathroom space are already completely used. I have two other bedrooms with loads of closet and drawer space and two other bathrooms that are basically empty. (I live alone and the other two bedrooms/bathrooms are for when my kids come to visit). Would that be a turn off? I forgot to put this in my listing.

Also while I’m not a total slob, I do live with two dogs and don’t go nuts about things being super clean. I worry about what I would consider clean enough to have my son’s in-laws come for a visit might not be enough for a sitter. I live in a vacation town and housecleaners are quite pricey and difficult to book due to all the vacation rentals. If I told my prospective sitters this, would realistic expectations be enough to make them content?

I guess I’m getting a little intimidated about having strangers come into my home and “judging” me on my general lack of organization. I mean, I would have everything put away, but my putting away is not exactly organized! So again, would honesty about the fact that my kitchen cabinets and laundry room aren’t perfectly organized be enough?

Thanks! Ann


Well, I certainly can’t speak for all sitters but we would be delighted with closet space in another room and “clean enough for the in laws”.

Don’t stress about it - just the fact that you’re thinking about these things speaks highly of you :blush:


Welcome! As a full time sitter, I’m perfectly comfortable sleeping in your guest room and would really appreciate the space you talked about. Much more important than using the master bedroom. Actually, I’d rather not sleep in your room if a suitable other room s available.
Be sure to include a picture of the bedroom and talk about the space.
Dan and Nan


Hello @anntmiller10 and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with @Myhnabird in the fact that you are thinking of these things speaks volumes, certainly “clean enough for the in-laws” is fine with us too and the extra closet space is certainly very much appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a peruse of your listing and it looks fab, although I would suggest adding a photo/s of the master bedroom where your sitters will be sleeping and also of the kitchen and bathroom.

I have to say your doggies are adorable! … oh and did I mention that view!! :heart::blush:

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help! :blush:


As a sitter I’d much rather sleep in a spare bedroom with cupboard space, especially if it has it’s own bathroom. I’d feel uncomfortable in your private space. The main thing I’d want really is a decent bed, I could cope with a 4ft bed but don’t sleep well in single beds. I always think it would help if the houseowner sleep tested the bed too!

Sounds like you’re trying to do all the right things and have a pretty normal home.


Closet space not necessary unless it’s for weeks. Doesn’t have to be a show home, but tidy and clean for guests? I would not consider offering a Housesitters a house that wasn’t clean throughout.

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Hi Penny & Jone’s Mom,

I would like to add my "Welcome to the Forum " along with @Samox24 and @Danandnan … the view and location of your lovely home is beautiful and your two furry “kids” are adorable.

as @Samox24 says the fact that you are considering the sitter’s comfort speak volumes and please don’t be intimidated. This is your home and you are inviting a pet loving guest to enjoy everything that you have, along with the most important part of why sitters sit … companionship of beloved animals.

A clean, tidy and welcoming home, one that has been thoughtfully prepared for a sitter goes without saying but that is what we do when guests come to stay. I’m including some guidance articles from our website blog, created to help members especially those first time members who may not be absolutely sure of the how’s and why’s.

Also some tips on photos to include in your listing. These guidance articles are created to make the experience the very best it can be for everyone … especially Penny and Jones

If you need any more help please just ask … you have joined a helpful and supportive community who were all “newbies” once upon a time.

Welcome again.


Thanks everyone. I feel much better. It’s nice to know that people would actually want to sleep outside of the master. I would let the individual sitter decide. Luckily all my beds are comfy!

I was going to add photos of the inside this weekend when I had more time. However, I received enough applications already, that I am currently interviewing rather than tweaking my listing. I’ll definitely do the photos later this week as I’m getting ready for houseguests on Thursday.


I agree whole heartedly.

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I took a look at your listing - and it looks great - and if I weren’t already sitting your dates, I’d be an applicant. I spend home time in Chapel Hill and would love to spend time on the coast!


Anne, don’t fret! We’ve been Home owner and now we are dog sitters. A comfy clean house, a cuddly pet most important! As Homeowners we always left a roast chicken in the fridge, milk, tea, coffee and toast.
Ref sleeping accommodation, if its a couple SLEEPING ACCOMMODATION is key. We like large bed and like to see it mentioned, but we are even HAPPY with two singles.
You SITTERS will love your home!

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I agree with others that I’d rather sleep in a guest room, personally. I have to say that I slightly disagree with others that if you are concerned that it might not be clean enough, you may want to spend some extra time tidying up. It’s hard to gauge, but let me just say it this way-- I’m a relatively tidy clean person (I’d give myself a B+), however when I’m housesitting, I amp that up to EXTREMELY TIDY AND CLEAN PERSON (A+) because I know I am going to encounter and be reviewed by home owners who may have a variety of standards, some of which may be similar to mine, some may be on the more extremely clean side. Were I going to have housesitters here I personally would probably get my place professionally cleaned or do the sort of DEEP neurotic clean I do when my mother comes over. :rofl:why? Everyone has different standards, and you want to appeal to those with the highest standards. It’s also a very true thing that our own slight messes are more palatable than other peoples. Think about if you stayed in an Airbnb and there was hair in the drain or something. That would be gross, right? But your own hair is somehow not quite so yucky (though still pretty yucky). So spend a little extra time cleaning, and you’ll feel more confident that your house sitters will be comfortable and you’ll get a very nice first review instead of being potentially anxious about it! My two cents.


I just checked out your profile and it looks lovely. I agree with others that a photo of the bedrooms and kitchen would be helpful. Lucky dogs you’ve got there. I saved your profile as it looks like a place I’d like to visit some day.

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@anntmiller10 , my situation is the same as yours. My sitters so far have said they’re fine with using the guest room closet, as other sitters are saying here. My guest bed is a twin, so if a couple does the sit they’d probably default to using the queen bed in my master BR.
Re: cleanliness, my impression is that sitters generally self-select so that if tidiness and cleanliness are very important to them they try to choose situations they feel meet their standards. Several sitters I’ve spoken with have corroborated this. It can be hard to gauge sometimes from photos, so I elaborate during the initial phone interviews. I explain that my house is 100 years old and has old house quirks. For example, the kitchen cabinets are metal, from 1947, and the paint has worn off or faded in places (refinishing them is on my to-do list!). So even when clean they may appear otherwise to some folks.
Most sitters seem to be understanding and diplomatic if HO standards are a bit different from their own since it’s part and parcel of housesitting.


Just show the house sitter their bedroom ( not your bedroom). They do not need to use your room.

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As a sitter I am a little uncomfortable in the master bedroom and prefer a quest room.


HO gave us their room and took a single room. Beautiful … just like a hotel and more!

If it is the best/only space available… there is no guest room base your acceptance on that