Sitters using two bedrooms

OK, this is a bit different, but we approved a couple to sit with our pup a while back (a married couple) for a weekend. When we came back home (the night before they left) we found she was sleeping in another bedroom from him and never asked if this was okay. This room had quite a bit of items all over the bed as that is where we pull out clothing, etc. to pack. Also, we had personal things in the room that are of no one else’s concern (paperwork, etc).

What are everyone’s thoughts on this? Should they have asked first without just assuming it was okay? On top of it all, that left us with two sets of bedroom sheets to wash and make up beds again, as well as our personal belongings were strewn around the room.

We are pretty easy to get along with but it just set funny with both of us as this was not part of the sitting deal.


I would only use the bedroom assigned to me. If I needed two bedrooms, I’d ask in advance. If for some strange reason I found myself needed a second bedroom mid sit and didn’t have the opportunity to ask, I’d leave the room as I had found it, bedding washed and replaced, personal belongings returned exactly as I’d found them. But the latter would be extremely unlikely situation.


That is strange. Did you as specify which room the sitter was allowed to use? I always ask if the HO doesn’t tell me ahead of time. Plus, I always wash the bedding and make up the bed before I leave, with a note telling them that the bedding is laundered and the bed is ready for use! Who wants to return from a trip and have to change the bedding before bed?


That’s why my welcome guide is very detailed…

Of course there is always something one might have forgotten to include and in your case @long1016 I think they should at least have asked, especially if they haven’t put everything where they found it.


@long1016 yes they should have asked

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It’s not unusual for couples to sleep in separate rooms, and it’s possible they didn’t start out that way but someone’s snoring was worse than usual or something.

However, as others have said, I’m surprised they didn’t wash the bedding and re-make the beds. Occasionally, I’ll have a homeowner returning early in the morning and they’ll say, “don’t worry about washing the linens, just strip the bed.”

As for accessing the bedroom that wasn’t ready for viewing or using, it is up to the HO to make that clear in the guide. Plus a simple post on the door, “Private.”


@Katie agree with all you say Katie but its still a good idea to ask…its just polite

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Yes, we were there and they knew which bedroom. Nothing was ever said about using a second bedroom until we returned. Then we had two sets of linens to wash and return to the beds.

@long1016 yes thats not good

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I’m sorry that happened to you.

That should’ve been discussed ahead of time before the sitters were selected. If something came up, they should’ve asked.

I am a sitter and wouldn’t just assume I can sleep anywhere I want.


Yes, I never thought we would need to tell someone they can’t use two bedrooms. We show them their bedroom when they arrive, as well as their bathroom. Just kind of caught us off guard that they went into another room that is not main living space.


This is not usual. Conversations needed to have happened before assuming it was O.K. Especially as you had items on the bed.
What I find also disturbing is the lack of care when leaving. We wash all linens and either place them folded on the bed or remake the bed. Homeowners choice when asked. All linens are washed and dried and the house is left spotless.
There was one time we were on a time crunch and did not want to leave the dryer running, so we asked homeowner and she said to just put it in the dryer and she would turn on when she got in. (Early that morning). But we had spent the previous day cleaning and making sure she arrived home to a clean house and a meal and provisions in the fridge. So she could just relax.

Everyone is different. But common courtesy and respect for private areas should absolutely be upheld.

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My husband snores loudly so I always asked to use 2 bedrooms. We always wash the bedding and remake the beds and leave a note saying so. Once we sat for a first timer whose house looked superficially clean in the pictures, but was actually very dirty when we arrived. HO allowed me to use a 2nd bedroom of a child away to college. This room was extra filthy. It looked as though the cloth headboard had never been vacuumed, every dresser/nightstand had not been dusted ever and were completely cluttered with stuff, clothes needed to be hung up, big boxes on the floor filled with stuff, etc. I cleaned it and made space on the night stand and dresser top for my things. When we left I put things back as good as I could remember (there was so much). As was prearranged, we left before the HO came back that day. We left the house much much cleaner than when we got there. We also took great excellent care of the many animals, including farm animals, in our charge. When the HO returned, sent me a text and was completely livid that I had touched anything in the room I slept in and wouldn’t even answer my calls. Turns out the child was autistic and did not want anything in the room touched. I said why didn’t you tell me and the reply was “I don’t need to tell you my business!”. I always follow the HO instructions to the letter. But despite her rudeness and anger, I felt really bad and apologized and I must say I learned a lesson or two. If I clean or move anything I now take a picture first. This was the only bad experience we have had while housesitting.

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It is important to make your expectations clear.

We do not allow sitters to use our master bedroom or the boys’ bedrooms or the ensuites. We don’t expect them to clean these areas either. We have a cleaner come the day before we arrive to change the sheets and clean our private rooms. These rooms aren’t locked in case of emergencies or issues.

Sitters have access to our guest bedroom with a private ensuite as well as the main bathroom and all the other areas.

I have never had a problem explaining the arrangements to them.

We let them know that if they have a visitor stay over night, we would like to be told beforehand and there is a fold out couch in one of the studies that can be used.

We want people to feel welcome in our home much like if we had a friend stay with us.

The dogs know the boundaries too.


I don’t think it was OK for the sittters to do this but maybe, as others have said, make it very clear in your house/pet sitting guide which rooms are out of bounds and clear expectations of sitters and, if possible, reiterate this when showing sitters around your home. I think to put a private sign on the door is going a bit far as most sitters would respect the homeowners personal spaces/rooms. I always wash my sheets and tidy before leaving. Maybe it’s worth dropping them an email to say you were a bit disappointed? Best wishes.

Of course the sitters should always ask beforehand if 2 bedrooms are available – we do because my partner is a very light sleeper. What I’d like to point out is that some homeowners do not even list how many bedrooms they have let alone how many would be available. As pointed out in other threads, some homeowners post very few pictures, making it difficult for sitters to see the type of beds and judge the condition of the house when deciding whether to apply.


That’s not okay. I think you had the right to presume that the married couple would be using one bedroom unless they asked you if they could use 2 rooms. I asked a HO if I could bring a friend on a sit with me, and they said sure, we have 2 guest rooms. I had planned to have her sleep with me as the posting said the guestroom for the sitter had a queen size bed. I most definitely would not have presumed to use the master bedroom or any second bedroom unless there was a discussion with the homeowners about it in advance. And totally not okay about not stripping the beds or washing the sheets. I always wash the bedding and remake the beds so the homeowners do not have to do it.

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That’s what couches are for…I speak with experience

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I would have been hoping mad if this had happened without prior notice. As a sitter we only use the bare minimum of rooms. The logic is less to clean. If there’s a snug we won’t use the sitting room. If there is a breakfast bar or kitchen table, we won’t use the dinning room.
I’m sorry you have had this experience. We are not all like this. You have learnt the hard way, communication is everything.