New Owners looking for pet sitters....Gulf Coast of Florida

We have a dog, cat, and turtle and live one block from the beach. Looking for short term and long term house/ pet sitter!


Hi @Lauteaeng welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining. Your listing on the site looks like a lovely opportunity. Members find the forum a great place to connect, share experiences and get to know TrustedHousesitters.

You’ll find your sitters through the site of course but making connections on the forum as well as getting help and advice is what community is all about and we look forward to sharing in your THS journey and getting to know more about your part of the world.

Angela and the team

would love to pet sit i love all animals.

Would love to do it for long term.

Welcome hope you enjoy the forum.
Could do with some Gulf coast weather right now.
Cold Wet & Windy here in the north of Scotland

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Hi @roseannm1997 welcome to our community forum, sitters with TrustedHousesitters care for all creatures great and small, explore the forum and our website blog, to find lots of information on how it all works and to help you get started.

Angela & The Team

Hi Lauteang! I’m already booked in to two (separate) housesits (same HO,) in Bradenton, on the Gulf coast, NEXT JULY / AUGUST. It will be my second time housesitting for this homeowner. I’m a Brit. My available dates are the two weeks in between ie July 19th to August 6th. If these dates match up with your travel plans, do please contact me! Of course, I’m double -vaccinated, a non smoker and have been a member of THS for several years now.

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Hi LTD!! We only need Aug 28 to Early Oct 2022 at this time for pet/house sitting. However, if you need a place to stay July 19 to Aug 6, one of our houses MAY be available for you to stay in with or without pets…and we may go on a short vacation during that time. CHECK BACK WITH ME NEXT SPRING.


Also, where are you located? We will have another pet sitting opportunity for an entire month…summer 2023. Probably June 15 to July 15 when we visit our daughter in WA State.

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Hi Lauteaeng. That sounds great. Thank you. I will make sure I keep your details safe. I am sure I will find a house sit for the two weeks, July 19 to Aug 6 ish, but I will kep your kind offer in reserve. thank you again. Summer 2023 would be great: I am in Wales, UK, but I am retiring from school teaching summer 2022 so I will be free to travel at any time after that date. My trip next July to Bradenton has been backed up throughout the pandemic and I intend to be away for the 6 weeks thro to August 19th ish.

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Do you have a live listing on the site atm?

Yes!! Search under Panama City Beach, Florida

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I can do it. My favorite area.i may be busy 2 weeks July than free.

Have you had a vivid vaccine??

Sorry…Covid Vaccine

Of course.

Because traveling to Europe, I had 3rd one also. I have my car in Florida. I am independent.
Would love to do your sit if possible.

Hi @Grandma & @Lauteaeng it’s great to see our forum community making connection with each other … why not use the Direct Message option to continue your conversation, that way you can really have a good chat.

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