New Puppy!

Today, hubby and I picked up our new puppy that we will socialize and raise until he’s ready to move on to Advance Training. He is an 8 week old Labrador named Ace (his sponsor is a local golf course), and we are already in love with him.

When we are not pet sitting, we raise service dogs for Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS) that runs out of Vancouver, BC. In our local Okanagan branch of the PADS community, we usually have about 25 puppies at varying ages.

“Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS) breeds, raises and trains fully certified assistance dogs. Our service (mobility & PTSD) and hearing dogs provide life-changing independence to those with physical disabilities other than blindness. Our accredited facility dogs work with community professionals, such as teachers, RCMP and psychologists to help support healthy communities.”

You can find more info about PADS here


Oh my goodness. That face! Those paws! And what a brilliant thing to do. :heart_eyes:


That little guy will turn into an awesome assistant. Love what you do :revolving_hearts:


How cute is Ace :heart_eyes:

Well done for your cause, sure Ace will make you proud!


HI Ace and welcome to our family … for the time you are here, before growing up and moving on to become an amazing PADS!!

You are very cute and pawfectly adorable.

Thank you @Kelownagurl for bringing some Lab puppy sunshine into our Monday

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Very cute!


We would love Ace to bits