Adaptation ... Win!

I’m watching a trio of wonderful dogs this week. A 100lb GSD, a 20lb basenji(?) mix, and a tiny little 2lb Chihuahua.

The Chihuahua is a cuddle bug of a lap dog. Sadly, my lap disappears unless I have a foot rest. I’m too short for my feet to touch the floor in a non-adjustable chair!

Lucky for this pooch, I have a crossbody purse big enough for her to snuggle in. Bonus, when I need to get up, she seems very comfortable and is perfectly content to be in there!


@MissChef absolutely adorable! Who doesn’t love a purse pet??? It’s a good thing the GSD didn’t think he was a lap dog! LOL

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Well… the thing is, he absolutely does :joy:

OMG, sooo cute!

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