New sitter in the house

I am Anne and I am excited to have a first sit in New South Wales Australia in a few days. I will be 60 on 23 March and I am looking forward to a new phase in life as a matured solo traveller who hopes to see the world through house/pet sitting. As an asian, I am met with skepticism and disbelief when I mention my intention to friends and family. No doubt I have travelled solo these last few years but since my retirement I hope to finally be free to travel a bit more. And knowing that THS and its community will have my back puts my mind at ease.

I hope to house sit in UK next starting in August. I would love to have a few sits back to back so that I can see as much of England, Ireland and Scotland as I can this year. Look forward to hearing from home owners.


Woohoo! Welcome and congrats on your first sit and your fabulous new phase of life. The reaction of your current circle of family and friends is quite normal. Your circle is now expanding and well peek a boo you found us.
Have fun and don’t forget to share your adventures and pics!


Congratulations on your first sit! I hope you get to travel and enjoy your much deserved retirement! England is amazing from the two trips i have had there.
I am off to my first house sit (from this website) this week with another one in a month’s time. I am travelling as a family so I always look for family friendly locations for a bit of a holiday.

Best wishes,


Thank you very much for your warm wishes. Currently at the gate ready for boarding. How lovely to travel as a family. Your children must be rich in experience. Enrich their lives. Let’s share our adventures. :heart::two_hearts: