Solo Mother sitter from Australia!

Hello! I just joined the site a few days ago and excited to do my first sit locally this weekend.

I’m a solo mum to a 2.5yr old who will obviously be travelling with me to all house sits. We love all animals big and small, I think this site provides a great opportunity to spend time with our 4 legged (and sometimes 2 legged) friends.
I have a travel bug that was passed down to me as a little girl.

My dream is to house sit around the UK, especially spending time in Scotland and the countryside. I’ve visited once as a young adult and believe I’ve left part of my soul there!

Would be awesome to connect with other sitters, especially any solo parents travelling with your little ones :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Michelle.H

A big welcome to the forum.
You’ll find that this forum is an excellent place to make new like-minded friends. We love to share tips, travel stories and pet pictures, help the newer members get established, and even hold in-person meet ups 1 from time to time.

I have tweaked your forum profile so members can now see it properly.

I think your plan to sit around the UK/Scotland is a brilliant one, and there are loads of sits that come up daily, so I am sure you will have some wonderful sits from south to north. I have no doubt you will find the Scottish part of your soul on this journey. I think you may now pass the travel bug onto your own daughter! :smiley:

Enjoy interacting here and wishing you so much success for your adventures ahead.
Have a lovely local sit this weekend.
Best wishes
Therese and the Forum Team.


Thanks so much!
Yes I’ve been having a look at the house sits available in UK and I’m blown away how many there are, hope it’s that way when I do get around to travelling!

Yes I’ll be passing the travel bug on to my daughter - I hope when she’s older she will take me travelling with her :sweat_smile: