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Hello all,
Could I please get some help on THS, I would like feedback on my profile, and I don’t understand the 2 different profiles.

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You added a link that goes nowhere rather than to your website THS profile. Your Forum profile I can see if I click on your face circle.

Have a look at mine ok

Here’s the info on how to do it ok.


Hello @Jackievw I have updated the link in your forum profile to show your THS sitters profile link. Now forum members can click on your user name and view the link.

I’m sure some other forum members will be along shortly to view your sitters profile link and give you some helpful tips and advice to get started!

As @BonnyinBrighton mentioned clicking on other forum members user names and reading their sitter profile (if available) is also very helpful.

Good luck with everything and if you need any more help let me know :slight_smile:



Hi @Jackievw and welcome to THS and the forum. Some suggestions for you are:

  1. Add several references by inviting people who know you so they can give you a character reference and others who you have either cared for their pets or can vouch for how you have looked after your own pets. These are important when first starting out.
  2. Include photos of you with pets not just random photos of animals.
  3. Break your lengthy introduction up into paragraphs with a space between each paragraph which will make for easier reading.

Apply for last minute and local sits to get started and get the all-important first couple of THS reviews.

There are great blogs on the website for newbies so I would encourage you to read as much as you can, not just from on the forum.
Enjoy your new adventures as a sitter!

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1: my experience - can you give specific examples of your experience rather than just listing types of animals you’ve sat?

2: about me - can you break this up into paragraphs and subtitles? A large wall of text is difficult to read. It is also a very long and somewhat rambling explanation and can be shortened and written more clearly and concisely, perhaps with simple dot points. Owners don’t need to read back
-stories and essays, just plain and simple reasons why they should pick you and what you can bring to the assignment.

3: Why I want to housesit - please write more than 1 sentence.

Overall you have a nice tone and sound like a reliable sitter. Just break it up a little and make it read more clearly and succinctly.

Hope that helps!


I think the story of you as a child and your first kitten is a little ‘jarring’ so I’d remove it. The previous paragraphs are all very considerate and caring.

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Thank you to all your help with what i should do for my success in pet sitting. I am currently waiting on my external references. I dont have pictures with pets. I never took any with pets so thats really hard. I can get my neighbors dog, but the other pets are little farther away. But I’ll see what i can do. Thanks again. :blush:

I asked a friend to take a picture of me with her dog. That worked.

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My Experience : Opening with a more general line would be a more inviting way to introduce yourself. Rather than listing specific animals and situations, group like with like (“I have experience with ‘x’ type of animals/behaviours”). Too many specific examples get tedious and, thus, are unlikely to be read. I’d omit the gardening details.

About and Why : Grammar and verbiage need a bit of cleaning.

Good luck getting sits !


The “my experience” section is rather stilted. Rewords into proper sentences that outline your breadth of experience. Also, 53 is very young to be retired … is it a career break or what?