New to housesitting & TrustedHousesitters needing advice

Hello my name is RiRi and I am new to Trusted Sitter’s. Please can I get help in what is some experiences?

Welcome RiRi. I’m afraid I don’t understand what information you’re looking for. I’ve been sitting for years and am happy to help if I can, but can you clarify what info you are trying to get? It might also help to start reading threads as there is a lot of great info already in the forum. Good luck!

Hi @RiRi welcome to our community forum, I see that you have not completed your membership registration, if you need help with that Membership Services can take you through the process

Once you are a member … to get started there is a Help Section on the website which answers the many FAQ’s and on the website blog are informational articles and members stories to help you get to know just how TrustedHousesitters works also on the forum you can search the many conversations and post by members which you will find helpful

To get help, posting a specific question works the best as it allows other members to know what information you need.

The Help Page Link
Blog Link Blog |

Angela and the Team

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