New to community and ready for new adventures

Hi my name is Tamara and I live in Indiana currently. I was a property manager for 40 years and have lived in 12 different states. I was transferred a lot! I know a little about taking care of properties. Lol. I miss my southern roots. I recently retired, but I am very active and have a new hip to prove it. I’m ready to put it to good use and walk some dogs! My time is as flexible as my location. I hope to find some new adventures.


Welcome @Tbentler3 to this community. I wish you every success with your new venture and you’ll certainly have some fantastic adventures.
There’s a lot of advice here and on the website as to how to start getting your first housesit. Make sure you’ve got some pet and housesitting reviews and start off with short, local sits.

Hello, @Tbentler3 Welcome to the forum community, it’s so nice to have you here :grin:

If you need any help joining the website or getting started please do not hesitate to let me know.
Once you have your sitter’s profile completed you can then share the link to your forum profile and that way other community members can view it and give you lots of helpful tips to get you started on your sitting adventures.

Here is how:

If you need help adding that just let me know. Do you have any questions to get you started?


I have a question for anyone, how do I sign up as a member on the main site of Trusted House sitters? It’s driving me crazy. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Thank you for this. I was a little confused on the profile part.

Thank you for the advice, I definitely appreciate it and need it!

Hello @Tbentler3 I can help you with that. I will DM you :grin:

Welcome :hugs:! Wishing you lots of lovely sits and adventures, from a pet mom in Wisconsin and her fur kids.

Maxine, Hutch, Cammie, Sam (Monkey) and Buddy Holly :person_raising_hand:

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