Newcomer to community of house sitting

Hi I’m Emma. Have benefited from Trusted House Sitters over the past year - great service and experience. Planning to retire and want to travel more, what a great way to do it. Live in the UK but plan to travel wherever needed.


Hi @Nellie

A very warm welcome to you and thank you for joining our Community Forum. I am sure you will find a wealth of helpful information from both forum members and the TrustedHousesitters forum team alike.

It is wonderful to hear you have been enjoying being a part of TrustedHousesitters over the past year and with your retirement coming up, there are sure to be many more pet-filled adventures on horizon.

I would recommend adding a your TrustedHousesitters link into your forum profile so that members you connect with here, can easily find you on the platform. I have copied a link below with details on how to do this -

Great to have you here!

All the best
Lucy & the forum team