New to THS but my son has loved it all over the world

Hello from western Canada. While we have not sat for anyone yet, my grown son travelled around the world for a year and housesat for many people through this site, and he loved it and had great reviews. So he is encouraging my husband and I to consider this as I am retired but active author, and husband will be retiring in a couple of years from his work as a church pastor. We have two very old dogs currently, and they will not be around too much longer… after they leave us, we want to travel more (we have traveled to over 40 countries so far actually!) and would love to take care of our people’s houses and beloved pets while we travel. We are mature and fit seniors, and know how to keep a clean house. We hope that will make us ideal candidates to whom you can entrust your home and pets.


Hello and welcome @renok75
On my daughter’s recommendation, world traveller and animal lover extraordinaire, I too skeptically started in 2018 after retirement.
It was the best thing I have ever done for myself and still is.
Best wishes and enjoy your new life.


Hi @renok75 welcome to our community forum thank you for joining us from Western Canada, sometimes our children teach us great lessons and I believe you son is probably one of those helping his parents look at a new adventure, which pet and house sitting is.

My husband and I have lived this truly amazing lifestyle for 14 years after losing our beloved Springer and we’ve had many sitters for our Vancouver home while we went pet and house sitting across 5 continents, I’ve just returned to our new home in Scotland from a two week kitten sit … once you start you cannot stop. :heart_eyes:

We can start a new adventure at any age …

Do explore the forum, you’ll find lots of great conversations, help and information. Thank you for the wonderful introduction and thank your son for being part of our amazing community, enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the Team