Nice host, ok pet, cluttered house

Agree. It sounds like the sit was represented accurately, so it is unfair to give a poor rating because the OP has buyer’s remorse. They knew what they were getting, knew that they were compromising their standards. I would give 5 stars and maybe add wording, as suggested by others, anout making more space for sitters.


Sounds a bit mean to mark them down when it sounds like you needed the sit as much as they needed a sitter. I do think sitters need to remind themselves sometimes that they are living in someones home who’s standards aren’t necessarily be the same. Sounds like it was an OK sit overall and the photos represented the place. It’s hard to find extra space for sitters in a space that’s limited already. You stated it was clean. Maybe leave at 5 * overall but mention that it’s more suitable for a single rather than a couple. I’ve sat in a couple of small apartments where I’ve been glad I’ve done the sit solo.


@Makelikeanapeman my goodness…I could add so many quotes here I agree with as why 4* … why 5*… add narrative descriptions in your review…

But I also think that just because a home represents their home as cluttered, for example or a home host mentions that their dog/cat is aggressive, i.e. …

Mentioning or pictures doesn’t make the home inline with the t&c’s and member code of conduct.

So are you giving a pass to a home host that is not playing fair just because you accepted the sit?

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You keep bringing this up and I’m sorry but this sound very shallow. The listing says the HO and her bf are professors, so you can stop focusing on whether they are poor or not. Any person with some common sense can conserve energy regardless of their economic status.

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For me, this would be the main issue. Much more difficult to deal with than with clutter. I would mention the barking in the text of the review. If it was not mentioned in the listing, I would deduct a star for that.

(I am now looking at UK sits. Lots of listings that I don’t apply to because of interior photos. Some of those feel really oppressive.)


I don’t think a home filled with “clutter” (art, mementos, books, family photos, maximalist design taste) is against the T&C. And I am not sure I would call a dog that barks aggressive.

Clean, space in fridge and closet are what is asked. The OP was able to get her luggage in the closet, so there was space. Just notbto her standards.


@pietkuip it took me a few trips and stays in the UK to realise that homes there are very different to what they are in e.g. my country. I thought I had made a bad choice with the place I had chosen to stay but turns out most homes are the same there. Much, much smaller and quite different style to anywhere else I have been. But now I really like the difference.


Someone chooses a sit already knowing it doesn’t really suit them. They chose this sit instead of paid accommodation (maybe to save money?), yet speculate that the owners are poor because they don’t want to waste heat or electricity. There is clutter, but the house is clean and the pet is friendly. How any of this warrants a 4 star review is totally beyond me.

However, a 4 star review might be good in one way, because it will show future owners what kind of sitter you are and how you think, so hosts like your present one would probably not invite you in future.


@pietkuip @ziggy
My sits in the UK were all in comfortable houses with lots of space. Not mansions, but really nice and all of them were clean and cozy. Perhaps it’s different with apartments in big cities. I stayed in suburbs of medium sized cities or in smaller towns.


@andrealovesanimals I thought you were leaving the forum! :rofl::joy::joy:

Seriously though, compared to homes in Oz the houses in the UK are quite different. Not saying they aren’t lovely, I’ve been many times and everywhere has been clean, tidy and a real joy. Just different, but nice. Hence my sixth trip back this month, I can’t get enough of the country.


@ziggy Still here because I am excellent at self-sabotage! Hahahaha!


I’m hearing ya! :rofl::joy:

I noticed the contradiction also - judging a person because they may be low income while admitting they were desperate to find accommodation

Even if the HO needs THS because they can’t afford a paid pet-sitter, what is wrong with that? Lots of people use THS to save money.


Hi there
Barking is not aggressive but surely can be intimidating BUT here, I was using an example that just because home host “A” may mention agressive behavior in their listing, I don’t think that would be ok to give home host " A" a pass.

Here, just because the photos show clutter, a home host should not get a pass if:

So yeah, to me it is not a 5* sit.
And should be docked in category stars.
And yeah, a constant barking dog could be a problem for some THsitters.


There are a few generalisations here about UK houses.
If anyone had never visited the UK then they may have the wrong idea. I would suggest that members look at the houses listed on the site to see what a wonderful variety there is, from thatched cottages to extremely handsome, spacious homes.
I know this is moving from the thread but I really must stand up for the UK


I’ve taken pictures and have rearranged things before for longer sits, but the amount of work we’d need to do to declutter the place and put it back in 5 days is not worth it. I really don’t want to go into details of the clutter but it is a lot of stuff - especially in the guest room where we are staying. I really feel that the guest room should have been made more comfortable before we arrived.

From the pictures it looked like the place was just small and had a lot of stuff in it. This is clutter. If i had seen the extent of it - would i have applied? I dont know. But my question isnt really about me.

Im talking about a 4 star review because it is a 4 star house sit (or less). I dont want to misrepresent it to other sitters. The home owner is nice. The pet is ok. But is it a comfortable place to stay? No. Id never recommend this stay to anyone.

Perhaps it is just that ive never given a less than 5 star review to anyone. A less than 5 star review feels bad.

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I think i have a different definituon of cluttered than other people. This is a rolled up rug leaning up in the bathroom and another rolled up rug on the floor of the guest room that i have to step on to make the bed. One the guest room walls is lined with boxes. There are no surfaces to put anything on. There is stuff everywhere.

Im not sure how it could be a 5 star review if i cant recommend it to anyone.

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In the HO listing it says the house sleeps 5. I cant imagine 5 people in this house. So no, i dont think she was doing us a favor.

How can i givebit 5 stars if i wouldn’t recommend it to other people? I may give it 5 stars, but is that fair to other sitters?

Yes, good idea but really there is no way to clear stuff off the counter - counter space is minimal to begin with and there is a tall shelf sitting on the counter. Room could be cleared out in a cabinet but im not up for rearranging a kitchen fir a 5 day sit.