No credit card = no membership

I have just discovered THS no longer accept any form of payment except credit cards.
8th March I received an email that there was something wrong, my card had expired. So I logged on tried to update my card, despite going through and being authorised by my bank it was rejected by THS.
I contacted THS, received an automated reply to follow a link on how to pay, and some suggestions to try, but this would be followed up by a member of the services team.
I replied I had tried all and would phone in the morning.
9th March I tried phoning but no reply so emailed again and asked them to phone me.
A member of the services team phoned yesterday evening and that is when I discovered the problem. Only credit cards allowed.
I do not have a credit card.
His suggestions were borrow from a friend! Go to my bank and apply for one, my bank does not do credit cards, so I could change banks, then apply.
Today is Friday, I have sitters arriving Monday my membership will be cancelled before the end of their stay.
Even if I wanted to apply for a credit card that could not happen before I leave Monday.
I also have 2 more sitters booked after my membership will be cancelled.
I do not understand the problem with debit cards, my understanding is a debit cards take the funds from your account, credit cards allow you access to a line of credit.
For the agents receiving the payment they get the money either way. Debit cards you get my money because I can pay.
At this point I do not know what I am going to do.


Hello @Brodie Is the card that you are trying to use a Visa, Mastercard or Amex?
Regardless of whether they are a credit or a debit card any of these cards should work.
These are the 3 card types that THS accept. Please see the attached link for more details.

I read that too but unfortunately not true. I was just updating the same Visa debit card that had expired.
It was the chap from membership services that confirmed only credit cards. I could not find any reference to it on the site.

That’s odd, I’ve never paid with a credit card

Very odd, that they made this change without any warning/publication.
I will add worrying at this point, we have 3 other couples who have invested in flights/ferries to sit for us.
Not just ourselves but others could be affected by this, which is why I felt I had to make everyone aware, could be too late to discover for us to do anything but we should all have been notified.

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@Brodie For clarification can you confirm which card type you are trying to use? I will tag @Therese-Moderator and @Angela-HeadOfCommunity to also look in to this for you because you should be able to use a debit or a credit card so long as it is one of the aforementioned.

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thank you.
I am using a Visa debit card, the same bank etc just a new expiry date, that I have used since joining THS

Hi @Brodie
I am so sorry you are battling with this.
To confirm that, accept all Visa, Mastercard, and Amex cards, both debit and credit.
I will follow this up with you @Brodie

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this has now been resolved, not sure how. I had no issue with my card but now been updated.
Also debit cards are accepted, not as I was told only credit cards.