No fixed address - bug in the system?

Is it possible to add only a region you’ll be in rather than a specific city?

I ask because one of the boxes we’re required to fill is a location where we live. As a nomad, I have no physical address. I’ve interviewed with a few people who wanted to meet in person prior to the sit and were upset that I had selected a city that was within 200 miles of where I was traveling… If I am living in a city, I have an abode and don’t need a temporary home in that same area. If I were in the same city and wanted to pet-sit, I’d probably ask to get paid as I’m paying rent (or the mortgage) in that instance.

I guess my question is, is there a way to input a region rather than a specific city as our location? How do others handle this?


I don’t know about a region but I asked about 3 years ago if we could input ‘travelling’. It’s been suggested to put th place you’re going to next so that people might invite you but that doesn’t work for me as I’m usually booked for the places I’ll be going to. It should be easy for THS to add a region option for you and travelling for me and others……