Another nomad question

I sit pretty much full time and really don’t consider myself as having a “home”, however, my profile seems to require one. I have just used my relatives’ hometown just to have something to fill in the space but it seems a little dishonest. I would prefer to leave the space blank or be able to put “nomad” or “full time sitter”. Any full time sitters have a suggestion?

i posted about this recently. i think it’s silly to require a fixed location for a site that is 100% based on not being in your fixed location. i am also a nomad. i put my location in the general area where i want to sit. right now it’s in germany i think as i want to do sits in the EU/Schengen and people are leery about choosing someone outside the zone. usually i leave it in the UK as i tend to do a lot of UK sits.


I’ve had some HOs say that they only want people who live nearby and others who have wanted to give people from out of the area a chance. Either way, I get a lot of sits so I’m not complaining, I was just curious. I just need to remember to change my location when I am somewhere else I guess!

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I was a nomad for three years. Now that I have a home, the sits I’m interested in are not where I lay my head. Yet, I am getting a lot of local invitations to sit.

I mentioned this to customer services about 2 years ago and I agree with you, especially as I have to put my home (Cheltenham) and have occasionally been approached by people in Gloucestershire to sit for them when I’ve been in New Zealand! An option for ‘travelling’ would be good

Agree totally @Smiley . We occasionally have new home owners approach us because we live near them. It must be difficult for owners who want to invite someone and trying to use the search citeria to narrow it down but for many of us it doesn;t apply.
As a sitter, It would be nice to be able to choose our own locale(eg, the world, nomad, traveller or similar) rather than a very specific place or at worst just our home country.

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I have also had a few HOs ask about staying at my place because they love the area! When I reply that I am nomadic and not at that location anymore, they are disappointed. Being able to have nomad or something similar would take care of that. Typically when I mention that I am nomadic, the HO is a bit intrigued and wants to hear all about it!