Profile Location - Needs Flexibility

As part of our profile, we are required to list our location. The result is that we’ve been contacted numerous times by people who think we are in their local area. We’re full time travelers and never in our “home” location. In fact, we don’t spend more than two weeks a year there. I tried changing it to “North America” but it wouldn’t accept it.
It doesn’t make sense to keep changing it every couple of months as we change our location from coast to coast. Can you put this on your future update list?
Thank you,
Julie T.


We change our location based on where we are currently traveling and/or where we want to sit. I clarify this in our profile. It takes no time at all to change your location.

Hi @Gaviidae and apologies, I am back on shift now but wasn’t around to answer this question on the other post addressed to me. As @Knowmad explains, this is how I also deal with changes of location as nomads. I’ve seen this discussed before in the forum, and it seems to be the best solution and is very simple to change.

I will add screenshots here (I appreciate you already know where it is) to help anyone else who hasn’t found the place to change this.

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Edit your profile

Location 01

  • In the About You section scroll down past your profile photos to “Where are you located?”

  • Search location

  • Scroll to bottom of this section and click button SAVE ALL

Location 02

@Knowmad, @Vanessa-ForumCMgr - I understand I can change it each time we change locations. But for HOs who look for sitters near their location to request their availability, this doesn’t work. I would need to list every state along the western, southern, and eastern United States as those are the areas we housesit. Where we don’t housesit typically is our “home” location as we have spent enough winters in Minnesota and don’t need to do more. So I would like to list Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico. Have vehicle, will travel.

On a similar but different note - I would also like to search “areas” rather than by specific state when looking for a sit. Looking for a sit in France is easy because the area is reasonable. Looking for a sit in the United States or Canada if far too broad and then you have to start searching state-by-state.


Got you… so this is more of a request to say where you do want to sit at any time as opposed to where you are. That’s covered by country (again in the profile) but as you say, not at state level.

Does the map work for searching areas, or is that not defined enough? You could view sits across the borders of two states for instance in this case.

We all have such subjective requirements don’t we when we are searching and planning :slight_smile: Good we’ve clarified it though from your perspective, as feedback and suggestions are picked up by the wider team.

Hi @Gaviidae
I understand what you’re saying completely :joy: I asked exactly the same question a very long time ago and, as you see here, got people saying to put where I am each time I move. But that’s useless as I won’t be able to sit there if invited as I’ll be at a sit already and moving on to the next! I don’t understand why we can’t have a ‘travelling’ option. Very frustrating I know!

@Smiley Do you mean literally just a tick box that says “travelling” or “nomadic” ? i.e. you don’t even need or want owners to know where you are?

When we were traveling full-time we often picked a contintent or location for 3-6 months, sometimes longer, so for us changing the location to a capital city in that region worked (not ideal but a workaround given nothing else) - we changed it ahead of arriving in that location to ensure future sits applied to that region. We also say in our profile we are full-time travellers. Full timers are a small group of sitters so while frustrating I sort of get why it’s not been a priority change. Maybe with more digital nomads joining it will get considered.

It sounds like @Gaviidae wants a wider choice of location (North America), but I wonder if your suggestion would work. Interested to hear so we can feedback a more specific request on this to the wider team.

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Thanks Vanessa. I’ve reverted to my home town for the time being, even though I’m not there, and in my profile have got that I’m full time but not available until 2024. Not everyone takes any notice though.
Your idea of posting where you’re going to be, some time ahead, is a good idea. If I did this it would be great to have the option of posting a country rather than a town. Also, being selfish, it would be good to have the option of North Island, New Zealand and South Island, New Zealand - also to have those options when looking for housesits as currently it’s just ‘New Zealand’.