How to Change my Profile Location

Hi all,

I always used to have my “location” as my home back in the UK. But I’ve been spending a few months in Central America and I kept getting people asking me to do sits in the UK … so I kept having to say “no” … and I came to think that this was a bad customer experience … so I started updating my location every few weeks to reflect where I actually am.

And the question is. I’m sorry about this. I can’t remember how to change my location! I can’t find it anywhere. I’m also wondering if it has moved or something.

Can someone help? I’m now getting requests for sits in an odd corner of Panama and I may never be there again in my whole life. Thanks!

Hello @housesitter421 and welcome to the forum. Looks like you are doing quite a bit of traveling to some awesome places.

To change your info, go into your profile and click on the “about you” edit button. Scroll to the bottom and you should find the place to change your location.

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I know what you mean. I’m constantly searching the website to work out how to do this and other things. @Karen-Moderator to the rescue

Wow what a banana I was. Thanks for the help! And next time I forget I’ll hopefully not forget to look here to see how to do it again lol.

Hi @Debbie-Moderator
Similar to @housesitter421 we get many requests for UK sits as our location is our previous home in the UK, but we sold our home and now travel full time so no longer have a fixed location. And we’re guessing there are many other THS who also travel full time.
We would like to be able to change the location to a country rather than a city/town, eg Greece rather than Athens, or even a continent, eg. Europe, or USA. Is this possible? Or can it be made possible?
Thanks for your help.

@SchindlersOnTour I am not sure but have sent info to Tech Support to ask. Will advise.

@SchindlersOnTour I did get a response back from the team and was advised you can add your specific location (which can be updated when traveling as you have stated you are doing) but putting in a large area (continent) is not possible.

Thanks for the response Debbie, but unfortunately it is not very practical. As someone who is constantly on the move I would have to change my location every couple of days. I am sure there are many others who are in a similar position and not based in a specific location all the time.

I’d like to see an update from the Tech team so that it is possible to have a country generic location rather than a specific location. Where can I send feedback to the Tech team?

Hi @SchindlersOnTour you can add your great suggestion to the thread below and I have also attached another thread you may find of interest. :slightly_smiling_face: