Changing Location as a Sitter

Hi there. I would like to change my location from my home (Oakland, CA) to a location where I am seeking sitting opportunities (London, UK). Where do I do that? I see a location that is associated with my listing (to recruit sitters for my cats) but not a location for my profile as a sitter. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Shella_in_the_Forum. If using your computer, click on the drop-down box near your photo then click on Your Profile. You need to click on the Edit button beside the About You section. Scroll down past your photos until you see ‘Where are you Located?’ This is where you can change your location. Remember to save it once changed!

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I’m curious about this topic as well… IF I change my location in my sitter profile will it also change the url of my sitter profile since the name of our location is included in the url of our sitter profile??? I’ve used my current url as links in several other sites. IF yes, is there to create an evergreen link to our profile?

Hi @themobileretiree
I wanted to confirm, that if you had saved your url, and then changed your location, and then you do a search under your ‘old’ url, it will automatically default to your new url. So please don’t worry, your profile will always come up correctly.