No response after a video meeting - how long should I wait for the HS to respond?

Hi all, I am new to THS and posted my listing last week.
We also had a video call/meeting with one of the prospective HS which went well.
They had to delay the meeting time by a few hours, twice, and we accommodated that.
We were told that we would hear back by the end of the day since they were also interviewing with a couple of other HOs but it’s been over 2 days and I haven’t heard anything yet.
Should I wait for some more time or should I ask them?
Does it make any difference if I decline or they decline the sit?

After the video, if you wanted them to do the sit, the next move would be yours. You’d offer them the sit, and then they would have the option to “confirm” or “decline.” They might be waiting for you to offer them the sit. Did you leave it as they’d get back to you after the other interview? It’s possible they are waiting to hear from the other people and would prefer the other sit. If they take the other sit, and the dates overlap, they will be automatically declined from yours.

If you feel comfortable with them, you should send offer them the sit and let them know to get back you. If you actually offered them the sit, and you haven’t heard anything, you probably should check on the status of another person to see if there is someone ready to take the sit. You can alwasy let the first know that you really can’t wait for them to decide as you might lose out on another great sitter.


I had a similar situation @DogMom404 . We had a video chat with a HS, everything went well, but they wanted to ‘sleep on it it’ before any of us made any decisions. So, we waited till the next day, and told them we’d be happy to confirm them, if they thought this was a good match. As we didn’t hear back from them by the end of that day, we just declined them and went with an an other HS.

I do value good communication with the HS during the application process and during the sit. So, if someone is not replying promptly, especially when they’ve told they would, I move on.


Be in touch with other applicants and go with the THsitter that is ready to accept a sit.

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We’ve just pulled out of a sit application because the communication is so tardy on even setting up a chat. Totally with @CatsAndDog (sorry, tagged that wrongly) - good, timely comms on both sides is essential in this sitting life.


Just pulled out of a sit application as well due to the tardiness of the HO, exact same reason as you @Cuttlefish. I need to keep moving forward. Time waits for no man. (Or lady lol) Whether HO or HS, both parties need to make decisions in a swift and communicative manner.


Thank you everyone for your insights!
I totally agree, good communication is the key.
I was going to message the HS this morning but they messaged me late last night and cancelled the sit.
I do have a couple of other HS due for a video call in the coming week and I am keeping my fingers crossed…lol
It can be quite stressful as the dates keep coming closer without any decision.
Many thanks again!

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