Applicants do not respond to request for video chat

I have had several applicants who seem well-suited to my listing. But when I ask them to arrange a video chat, they don’t respond. Does this mean they’re no longer interested or that they didn’t get my message? I have one who replied three days ago and my message requesting video chat says it is unread. This makes it difficult to find applicants.

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@Equid I can understand your concern, but there could be many reasons why they have not responded or have not even read the message. Many are in route to new locations, getting set up at those new locations, or sometimes even have issues with wi-fi and internet that causes them a delay in the ability to read or respond to a message.

I know I received an invitation to do a sit and didn’t even see it for three days because I wasn’t logged into my personal account since I was on vacation and away from work and responsibilities for a few days.

Hang in there as know you will get responses soon!

@Equid, I think the messaging system on THS is not great. They may not have received a notification. From time to time, we’ve also been out of wifi range for a day or so while traveling to a new location or had initial problems with it at a new sit. Hang in there. You’ll find the perfect sitter.


Frustrating, but sitters find the same happens with owners not responding or reading their messages.

Hi Debbie, that does make sense, but how many days after someone applies do you wait to hear back from them before you decline their application? There’s really no way to know if someone is suitable for a situation unless you speak with them.

Why don’t you send them a second prompt @Equid and give them 24 hours and if nothing, decline with a “sorry too slow to respond” message (good communication is key after all) and move onto the next applicant. Then you have a plan :raised_hands:t3:


I did, but still no response. I guess I need to assume they lost interest in the sit.

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That must also be frustrating!

I find it’s become very normal for people to offer phone numbers/WhatsApp etc immediately because for whatever reason not everyone seems to get the THS messages or have time to read them. Most sitters are fine with doing a video chat. Sometimes people disappear for a variety of reasons and you never know why.

I offer my phone number and tell the applicant. I have WhatsApp and FaceTime and ask if they’d like to arrange a time for a video chat. The odd thing is that they send me a very enthusiastic introduction email talking about their experience with horses and desire to come to New Mexico And saying how cute my dogs are etc. And then when I send them my information I never hear from them again. I’m kind of wondering if they aren’t getting my message? I wonder if there’s any way if TrustedHousesitters can see if messages are actually delivered? I do understand people have different things come up in their lives, but it just seems really odd to me that this happens frequently.

@Equid can I ask how long of a time period lapsed between their initial interest and your original message to them? If they did not hear for a few days, the probably moved on and applied for other sits. Just a thought.

I am sure that is frustrating. If I still had my horse I would be all over this. I am not ready to commit to the amount of time you need right now but if you can’t find anyone let me know and we can discuss dates later in the year. I am hoping to go east for the fall but might be able help you out later in the year. I live in Rio Rancho.

Hello, @Equid This is a great question and a worry for all members that are waiting for replies.

I had a look at your account and can confirm that all of your messages have been going through as normal.
Some are marked as read by the little green envelope in the bottom right-hand corner of the message and some are marked as unread by the grey envelope in the same corner.

It can be difficult to know why some members apply and then do not get back to you - as a sitter myself we try and reply to all messages very promptly and if we have confirmed another sit in the meantime we always let the other owners know and withdraw our application.

Each sitter is different in how they manage their inbox and applications, maybe if it’s only been a day or two wait and see as they may be travelling etc, you can follow up with a little nudge as well.

If it’s been longer then maybe look at other sitters. I hope you find someone amazing soon! :grin:

I usually reply within a couple hours. I think maybe people put in applications for a whole bunch of sits and then if they get one they really want they might just forget about the other ones.

Thanks, that sounds great!

Also could be that they don’t know how to set up a video chat or are not willing to do one. I personally detest video chats. I’ve brought this up before. I’ve done over 30 hour sits without having to do one and have only done a couple but I would personally prefer an old fashioned phone call.

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That’s so interesting, I never considered it. I don’t know how comfortable I would be having a pet sitter. I’ve never actually seen, but maybe I will change my message to say phone or video chat. Thank you!

I think you should do what’s right for you. Don’t feel pressured to drop your preferred method.

I’ve been on TH for about 3 years now. I have done a video chat with each sitter before I confirmed them.

I’m a visual person and I find that having a “virtual” face-to-face conversation is great. If someone is going to stay in a stranger’s home, I don’t think a video call before doing so is “too up close and personal”. Again, you are staying in a stranger’s home and taking care of their pets. The trust needs to be there anyway.

Personally, if someone declined to do a video call, I would move on to the next sitter. There is no way I feel comfortable confirming a sit without seeing/interacting with the person visually as this can give much insight about the person.