No responses, new sitter

Hi @EmilyPavlech and welcome to the forum! I am sorry you haven’t had any responses yet, but please do give it time. I might suggest you try for something near your home that is closing in on a last minute sit where they are scurrying around trying to find someone. That way, you are close to home, possibly allowing the pet parent the opportunity to personally meet you prior to a sit. Getting that first sit will give you a review to start the process and from then on, you just keep getting great reviews! I looked at your profile and it all looks great but I am sure it is just the lack of other sit experience that does hinder some pet parents.

I would also suggest you look for sits where there are special needs situations since you have so much experience. Many sitters aren’t comfortable when there might be challenges with the pet and this is right up your alley!

Also, I don’t see you have linked your member profile to your forum profile, which will give you added exposure. To do so, just click How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile and follow the easy step by step process.

Good luck, and as always, we are here for any questions or concerns you may have!

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