Northern France sit recommendations

Hi all,

I am planning to head to France shortly, as the first country on my European Road Trip, and was wondering if there may be any of you who have already pet sat somewhere in Northern France?
I typically travel solo.

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I’m not sure your question will work on the Forum @Lake
THS doesn’t like links and references to specific, personally identifiable listings and sitters. And there’s the potential for it turning into a bunfight about good sits vs bad experiences.
I confidently predict a moderator will be along shortly….

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Ah right, that never crossed my mind. Thanks for the feedback.

Perhaps people can send their recommendations to me via a private message if anyone has any to share for now.

Hi @Lake

I would first recommend that you add your sitter profile to your forum profile here, so members can get a sense of who you are and your experience.

The way to add your profile link is here >>

There may also be homeowners here on the forum that live in and around Northern France that may want to connect privately, and the best is always to keep your eye on the new listings that come through the main website.

Wishing you great success and do keep us posted as to your travels and experiences.

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