Not getting applicants

Hi, I created an account I think about a month ago, received a couple aps, then I paused it as it seemed a family member was going to do it but that fell through.

I restarted it but now don’t see the aps that we’re there and not getting any response.

I found it hard to get my situation across well with the options the ap gave me.

Dates are in listing although I just learned part of our party is returning the 21st so sitter can leave early if they want to do something for thanksgiving or they are welcome to stay a couple days extra and spend TG there as we don’t live in the cottage and will be in our rv.

Not sure how to explain this.

Can anyone review and see what I’ve done wrong?

It’s my dog & cat and our friends traveling with us two dos, so three did and a cat; all housetrained. Fenced in area for them.

Lovely cottage in the forest; we’ll kept as it’s my vacation rental.

Thanks in advance.

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It looks like a lovely ad - lots of great pictures and information. I think you’ll just have to be patient for more applications now as I guess around thanksgiving in America a is a popular date time.

You do mention atv trails in the area which is great - are you offering atvs for the sitters? I’m not sure how they could make use of them.

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No on atvs just figure if they had one they could bring it with them.

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Looks great to me, fantastic photo’s, and you have explained the situation quite clearly, but maybe you could also pop in “so you will still have the entire cottage to yourself if you choose to stay longer” just to stress the point even more. But it looks great, so give it time.

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Hi @ramblingromines! I think your listing looks good too. You mention swimming and kayaking 30 miles away, a state park 40 miles away and the stadium 60 miles away. How long can the pets be left alone for the sitter to take advantage of these activities? It would be good if you included this information. Because this is a busy, high-demand time of the year, if you could offer use of a car it might increase your pool of sitters. As your dates are almost two months away, you still have time. Good luck!

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Hi @ramblingromines and a very warm welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

As others have already mentioned on here, your listing looks lovely and you do still have a while yet until your sit starts. As @mars mentioned, is it a possibility that you could offer the use of a car in your listing? This is not mandatory by any means but it might help when potential sitters are looking at your listing.

My fingers are crossed for you :crossed_fingers:t2::slightly_smiling_face: