Not sure if my sit is live or not

I can’t find my sit on the site and I’m worried it’s not showing to anyone. I’ve had no applications so far but it’s early days. How do I check if the sit is actually being shown to potential sitters?
It may, of course, simply be that the sit is not appealing to anyone but I’ve tried to find it on the site and failed.

Hi @MamaSarah I can confirm your sit is live and showing on the site. That’s a great opening photo by the way! :cat::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s early days as you have only just listed so try not to worry.


Thanks. I couldn’t see it so I wasn’t sure if I’d done something wrong! Hopefully I will get some applicants. It’s a long booking and not a simple one as my little boy will still be in recovery from an accident and this is obviously more responsibility for a sitter. York at Christmas is magical though so I hope someone does want to come!

Nice job on your listing.

A lovely listing and I’m sure will appeal to sitters because of the length and proximity to beautiful York city. I guess the only issue could be Bear as it looks like a sitter may have to be present for some time although you do mention he can be crated while out, but for how long each day do you think? If you’re on the second floor where does the cat flap lead that Ebony uses?

Some great points there. I will edit the listing to include how they can leave Bear in the crate for extended periods if they go out exploring during the day. Also about the cat flap (it actually leads into the bedroom, which I admit is a little unusual!)

Habari yako @MamaSarah! I found your listing OK and it looks as though it would be super-appealing to the right cat lover. You’re sure to get someone, quite quickly I think.
My only suggestion is to squeeze the word York into your title. Your actual village isn’t well known, so foreign sitters (and Brits like me, whose home geography is poor) won’t be as immediately attracted. I bet York is a huge draw to many and from the little I remember of it, Christmas there will be stunning.
I lived & worked in Nairobi for a few years, where is your charity?

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@Saltrams Nzuri. Na wewe pia? Habari yako?

I think I will change my location to York so, as you say, people will be more drawn to the listing as York is very well-known. The listing itself hopefully makes clear I’m not in the city centre.

The charity is called Chaffinch and is currently working with a locally-run project in the Raila/Quarry area of the Kibera slum district outside Nairobi. I try to visit at least twice a year, hence my delight when I came across THS.

No, don’t change your location to York, but as suggested get York in the title such as near York

:smile: thank goodness you didn’t reply with “jambo” - my pet hate!!

I’m not sure that you would get Forum support for actually placing your sit in York. There’s a lot of negative feeling about inaccuracy in HO listings.

However, adding “York” prominently (in the first few words of your title, because the full title doesn’t always display fully on listings :roll_eyes:) should get the results you seek.

Kibera is certainly challenging. We had a housekeeper who lived there & we helped his family to be able to stay away in his home village where they were much safer. That was 20 years ago but I’m sure nothing has changed there :confused:

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@Saltrams and @Smiley
Would you mind taking another look at my listing now I’ve made a few edits? In particular, I’m worried that Bear’s situation will put a lot of people off but hope I’ve explained well enough that it shouldn’t be too disturbing to a sitter’s plans.

@Saltrams no local would ever use “Jambo” but I find that tourists invariably do! They should remove it from all those little books of essential phrases!

Thanks for the advice over location. I’ve changed it back to Acomb and added York to the title instead.

Change it to Christmas near York. There’s been a lot of complaints on the forum about the location not being correct

@Smiley my location on the map is inaccurate anyway because it doesn’t give me the option to put a pin where I actually live. I’m closer to York than it shows. The city centre is only 2 miles away and my postal address is York rather than Acomb so it’s hard to know how to represent that.

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You might want to say something like “2 miles from York.” If it were my home, I’d put that in the headline to potentially attract a larger pool of candidates.

When I look at sits, I keep in mind that the pins might be in the wrong place, either because of operator error or technical limitations.

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@MamaSarah don’t get me started on “that song” - it makes me squirm!

Bear’s situation (poor puss) may deter some but wouldn’t phase others, which is why it’s essential to get the right sitter for the task. If it was a dog in question, I would be fine with the constraints but I’m not qualified for a cat.

Sticklers might argue with the “in York”, as specific locations and travel distances can cause heated debate, as you will see from other threads about the THS mapping software failings. I want a sit in the centre of Bath, so I’d be disappointed if someone added their sit “in Bath” the same distance from Bath as you are from York but I also concede that the lack of ability to properly identify location and place pins is making the whole issue, IMO, third behind the Voldemort Rule and the Review System

@MamaSarah I was born in York and grew up on the edge of Acomb. I don’t think it is in any way misleading to put your location as York, because Acomb is within the City boundary. It isn’t a village distant from York, it’s more of an area of York, although with. a village feel to the central part. Even the furthest parts of Acomb are just a short bus ride from the City Centre! York isn’t that big! I’d list your location as York, because it is, and refer to Acomb in your listing.

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@Debbie I did eventually decide to switch my location back to York since I’m within the ring-road. It also didn’t ring true to use Acomb as my location as I’m not in Acomb either so saying I was in Acomb was just as ‘wrong’ as saying I’m in York if people expect city centre. My listing clearly states that I’m 2 miles from the centre of York.

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@MamaSarah I know exactly what you mean. Where I lived was in the opposite direction from the centre of Acomb / Acomb Green to where you are. I don’t think I’d have said we Iived in Acomb back then, but it doesn’t really have another name. I think we used to say “Boroughbridge Road area”. Poppleton Railway Station was much closer than York Station! We were definitely in York. although the boundary was quite close back then.