# of invitations for the same dates

I recently received an invitation for a sit, accepted it, and then later noticed that the listing was marked “reviewing applications” for those dates. I always thought, as both a HO and a sitter, that an invitation indicated that you had been chosen for a sit - a sure thing if it was accepted. Not the case? In the end, the sit was cancelled with no message from the HO, just an email from TH. Overall, I’ve been very disappointed with HO responses or lack thereof to applications this past year. I haven’t been with THS so many years, but seems the whole process was more friendly or at least civil in past years.

We only joined THS about a year ago, and in that time we have done 20+ sits. I have to say, the majority of HO’s have been lovely with us, and have communicated really well. But just because you are invited to apply, doesn’t mean you are actually going to be given the sit, it just means they really liked the look of your profile. It’s just an application.

But don’t take the rejection as a negative, as an HO may have had a more suitable application in the meantime. There are some sitters that ‘may’ be a much better choice, such as someone who had already sat for them before, or someone who lives locally who perhaps they could utilise in the future.

So just take it as a positive, as they really liked your profile when they glanced at it.

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No. They could send out dozens of invitations, without too much thought.

Then the sitter applies. Then the HO accepts one of the applications. Then the sitter confirms.

Only then it is a done deal.

When i first started with THS, I thought invitations to apply were because the HO specifically wanted me. I soon figured out that the HO may not have even looked at my profile when they sent the invite.

Thanks all. I’ve extended more invitations as a HO (one invitation at a time) than received as a sitter, so wasn’t so clear on it. Got it now. Will have much more realistic expectations if it ever happens again.

It’s an invitation to apply

Some hosts invite many sitters at the same time, hoping to get at least a few applicants they can then screen. By contrast, sometimes hosts send unsolicited invites that are serious — they actually want you specifically to sit. If their msg isn’t clear, just ask. Like you could say: I’m interested in your sit. Would you please let me know how many sitters you’re talking with?

Yesterday, I received an unsolicited invite from a host who said her friend (another host) had recommended me and she wanted me to sit for her, too. In such a case, if I had wanted the sit, it would’ve been mine — there’d be no applying.

When I joined THS about a year ago, the first unsolicited sit I was offered was an outright offer — I didn’t have to apply.

@Andy .

It is confusing that the word invitation is used both to invite you to apply and to invite you to sit .

This is what I get when an invitation is sent to me

It’s an invitation to apply to sit . I have received this even when it’s a private invitation from a host I have sat for before and they are sending an invitation to me only. . Then I apply , they invite me to sit and I accept .

We have had four repeat sit invitations from different hosts. Each time, they invited us ( only us - as it was a formality to make it official on THS - we’d already made the arrangements & agreed on WhatsApp ), we “applied “( just a sentence ); they confirmed our application; we accepted.

So it would be useful to know if and how a homeowner could directly invite a sitter in a more streamlined way with no need to apply (especially for repeat sits ) . I haven’t found any instructions for how they can do that . Only this 4 stage process.

Thanks Maggie8K. So the system has changed in the past year? You didn’t have to apply once you got the private invitation and accepted it?

I’ve been on THS coming on a year, so can’t speak to what the process was previously.

Some of the terminology is confusing, because as Silversitters says, the technical process consistently is: Host sends invite > sitter accepts invite (“applies”) > host confirms invite.

The key difference is in whether the host has decided on ONE sitter and sends only ONE invitation, versus the host sends multiple invitations, so any sitters who reply are essentially competing against the others.

Personally, I figure hosts are typically inviting multiple sitters at the same time, unless their invitation msg indicates otherwise — that they want you specifically. That’s why I suggested that you ask if you’re not sure, based on their message.

For example, a previous host sent me this msg, which was a direct invitation to me only:

I’m inviting you because you clearly could give my pets the care and attention they need … and because you come so well-recommended! So, crossing my fingers here … if you’re available and interested, let’s do a Zoom call! <<

I’ve seen threads where people – pet parents and sitters – missed a step on the private application system and after a sit ends, found they couldn’t write reviews because the sit was never “official.” So it feels almost silly but remember all the steps (1) pet parent invites sitter to apply (2) sitter applies (3)petparent invites sitter to confirm the sit (4) sitter accepts and confirms the sit.

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