Online sites to learn French?

In a year or two, we’d like to seek out pet sits in areas of Canada, where French is either the primary language or is a close second to English.

I took French while at university many decades ago. And now I’ve begun brushing up on my French using an online software program.

I am also looking for an online tutor so I can speak to someone as I learn.

Have any of you world traveling pet sitters used online tutors and can you recommend any?

Thank you for any info you can share.


I wholeheartedly recommend

You’ll find instructors ranging from your friendly tutor, which will be like talking with a friend, all the way to professors, recommended if you need lessons and more in-depth grammar explanations.

Specific to Canada, though, unless you want to sit in far flung corners of Quebec or Manitoba, English is fairly widely spoken. However, I applaud you for wanting to brush off your French speaking skills and give it a try with the locals. If aiming to visit Quebec, I highly recommend that you choose a québécois on a learning platform to get used to their accent.

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@Peonie19 Merci! Thank you for the recommendation about iTalki. They came up in my research, too!

Yes, we’ve been to Quebec City and Ille d’Orleans (I’d move there in a heartbeat) and saw first-hand how knowing basic French can enhance one’s experience. I cannot wait to go back to the French-speaking provinces. My husband also loved it.


Yes, italki is great. It’s a big platform so I’m sure there are Canadians on it teaching French.

There are also Preply and Verbling and a few others.


If you want to chat with locals:

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Tandem is often used like a language Tinder though. I used it in the past. Lots of photos of topless men and women in swimsuits. Another one for chatting and language exchange that I like better is Conversation Exchange. (No photos on it, more focus on languages)

LOL. That’s not been my experience, but maybe it depends on what language you’re trying to learn.

I love this post, I’ve been learning Spanish via Duolingo but I’m now at a stage where I need more 121 practice with proper conversations, so I’ll be checking out the sites people have recommended on here too.

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@Maggie8K What language are you learning?

I was practicing Mandarin several years ago, because I speak native Cantonese.


Nice. Swedish and Italian here.

Love the sound of Italian. Beautiful.

I studied some German and Japanese ages ago, during college and before. Considered picking them up again, but the problem is, if you don’t use a language frequently enough, it’s easy to forget. With Mandarin, I have more opportunities.

True, it takes a lot of time and effort to stay on a good level. I’ve been doing some pet sits in Sweden, but haven’t managed to travel to Italy yet with THS. Travelled there a coupke of years ago to visit a friend, but most people responded to me in English when I approached them in Italian.

Italian is a beautiful language and so is Swedish. A lot more people speak Italian though.

If you want to practice your German you can message me :wink:


Thanks, but my German is like at the level of a stunted grade-schooler and so many Germans speak terrific English. Plus nowadays, apps like Google Translate are so handy.

Funny memory: One time, a coworker who’d spent years in Germany as a U.S. Army brat spoke some German to me. I understood him, but our co-worker — who’s actually from Germany — didn’t. So it seems we were speaking useless, mutant German, LOL.

Similarly, my husband has been trying to learn Chinese for many years and speaks it awfully. Cantonese is a tonal language, so if you get the tone wrong, you can end up with hilarious results. Like if you mis-tone “I’m hungry,” it can sound like you’re saying, “I have diarrhea.” Anyway, my husband insists on speaking to our dog in Chinese and I keep telling him to stop, because he’s speaking a version of mutant Chinese that only HE understands. And I don’t want him confusing our dog.


That’s why platforms like italki are so handy though, because teachers there can teach you the real language spoken in their countries.

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Thanks everyone for your responses. I’m definitely going to try italki or Preply, now that I’ve done a bit of research on them. They both seem good to start with. We’ll see how it all goes!

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