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I am from Quebec province and before I get a membership I would like to Know if you see sometimes, often or rarely offers to take care of animal in Quebec? I am also mostly confortable in countryside or small town, is it to restrictive?

For the moment I am able to travel only in My province, in 2 years, the world! :sweat_smile:

Merci beaucoup! :smiling_face:

I m not sure If I put m’y post on the right place! :joy: well , well will see​:wink:

Welcome @Jazzamoureuse .
I did a search for house sits in Quebec - there are 362 homes listed - 8 of these have live dates - so these are sits that you could apply for if you joined now .
Others have previously listed house sits and are still members so are likely to post dates for the future .


You can also have a look on housesitterscanada

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It’s great idea for you to build your 5* reviews close to home before applying for international sits, so having 2 years to achieve a nice string of reviews sounds like a great plan. Are you a student perhaps? I think there’s a minimum age for sitters. Mind you perhaps you’re about to retire so the other end of the age range entirely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Live date mean they are looking for some one now , I supposed! Merci.

Of course I am a student! A student of life forever! :joy: well, i will be in à Long Long hollyday in 2 years! I never thaught when i was younger that I will be so happy of talking about retirement ! :rofl: thank you for yours good advices! :slight_smile:


Il y a définitivement des opportunités puisqu’il y a des gens comme nous qui ont des chats et qui voyagent.

There are definitely sit opportunities as there are people like us that have cats and that travel.

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Thank you Peonie19, many propositions there!

Merci pour votre réponse, comme je ne suis pas membre je ne savais pas si je pouvais avoir cette réponse. Mais le site pour canada est vraiment bien alors je crois que je vais commencer par celui-là.

Thank you for your response, as I am not a member I did not know if I could get this answer. But the site for Canada is really good so I think I’ll start with that one.

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Moi et mon mari avions aussi commencé avec House Sitters Canada, et avons fait quelques «sits» dans notre province avant de commencer avec THS. Je te le recommande vivement.

Me and my husband also started with House Sitters Canada, and did a few “sits” in our province before starting with THS. I highly recommend it to you.

Edited to include English translation (via Google Translate)

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