Bonjour from Quebec city


We’re Lynda and Gilles from Québec city, Canada and we’re new to this community. We’ve been traveling once or twice a year since 2015. We are retiring this year and we want to resume our travels that have been put on hold because of, you know…

We discovered TrustedHouseSitters because we were searching for a better way to have our two cats taken care of while we’re away. Up 'til now, we’ve been using a local service for a one hour visit everyday . They care well for our pets, but it would be too costly for a long trip and our cats do like a presence in the house more than just an hour a day.

So house sitting is exactly what we’ve been looking for. We want to live our retirement in Panama (which we visited) or Costa Rica (which we’ll visit this year). For a few years, we’ll try places where we might want to live but we don’t want to stress our cats with several relocations before we decide where we will be living our golden years.

We were very lucky to find two very nice sitters for our upcoming trip and were pleasantly surprised to see how quickly several people showed interest in visiting our snowy winter wonderland. So keep listening; many other opportunities will be available in the coming years.



Hi Gilles, Bonjour, Welcome, thank you for joining us from beautiful Quebec city which is a delightful place in any weather. Thank you also for the lovely introduction into your life and travels.

We have members on the forum who are new and others with lots of experience, the one thing we all have in common is sharing our love for animals and insights into the wonderful lifestyle pet and housesitting helps us to enjoy.

Enjoy connecting with other members and we look forward to hearing more about your upcoming adventures.

Angela & the Team

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My husband and I used to visit Montreal regularly before we had children, and also stayed in beautiful Quebec City a few times. A wonderful part of the world. When everything returns to normal we’d love to visit Canada again.

You have a fantastic plan to decide where to retire to. Housesitting is the perfect way to find out how it feels to live like a local!


your idea of checking out places to retire while using housesitters is a great one. We are sitters and also use housesitting as a way of visiting different parts of the world to see where we might like to put down roots one day. It works for both of us :slight_smile:


Bonjour !
Je suis de L’Assomption à 30 km de Montréal, aussi à la retraite et sur THS depuis 2014. Bienvenue dans le groupe ! :grinning:

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Bonjour, Lynda and Gilles,

We originally joined THS as Sitters, but this year joined as HO’s. We have done two trips in the last two months, and have another scheduled for next month. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have trustworthy sitters staying in our home taking care of our cat as well as the house itself. It truly is a win-win situation.

Welcome and happy travels!