Hi from Quebec, Canada

Hello everybody My name is Annie and I live in Quebec, Canada, I did 2 houses sitting since September close to my house and I’m doing another one in December at the same place.

Having dogs to wake me up in the morning was a blast for me. My husband and daughter were suppose to come with me but I was most of the time alone quiet in a big house. I will adapt my choice differently next time that was mostly to work in a quiet environment. I will try next time a week-end but just for fun. I really love that way of travelling. You meet people but also adorable pets. I even did meditation with the chickens that was quite an experience.


Hi Annie I’m in Ontario near the Que-Ont border. Not sure if there are many members in this area. I haven’t signed up yet but am following along a bit for now.
I’m an owner and would love to find someone to sit for my dog and cats on and off over next few months.
Cheers to you and thanks for sharing the post!

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We have been living in Trois-Rivières for 7 months, previously in Québec for 21 years and originally from Montréal. We have used sitters from Kitchener Ontario for our two most recent trips and they will be coming back for our upcoming trip next January. So there are definitely owners and sitters from Ontario and Québec. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @AnnieC and welcome to the forum. I tried to go onto your TrustedHousesitters member profile, but could not find a listing. Have you actually joined or did you do your sits through another platform?

If not a member yet please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you with joining. Please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help. TrustedHousesitters is an amazing organization filled with both sitters and pet parents who want to join forces and help make all our furry friends happy, safe and content in the own homes.

We certainly hope you decide to join, but once again, thanks for joining the forum….it’s a great start to becoming a member of our family of pet lovers!

Have a wonderful day!


Bonjour ! @AnnieC
Bienvenue !
I am Brigitte from Joliette, near Montréal
Member of THS since 2014. Happily retired and living my best life while petsitting.
Wish you many happy petsittings to come.


Hi jen you have a lit of people in Ontario and some in Quebec mostly in the biggest city. Feel free to reach me i will look for other sit place to go next year

Hello Debbie
Thats weird im a fully member since August.

Meditation with the chickens sounds awesome :ok_hand: I’ve done goat yoga which is also lots of fun!

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I m under Annie & Steph. I love it i will do my 5th sitting in April

I hope you will be able to do it. When you request a pet sitting do it as soon as possible you will have more people who will offert their services.